10 November 2013

New MAC Make Up :)

So a little while ago I read on Annas Blog that she went to a Designer Outlet where she bought some Make Up for a cheaper price than in the normal stores, so I kinda felt the need to go there and check this shop out. I already spent so much money in the other shops, so I couldn't really spend a lot in the cosmetics shop, which was kind of a shame, but I still bought two make up items from Mac :)

 Something I have been looking for, was a darker lipstick for the winter season, so I picked up a Pro Longwear lipstick in the colour Extended Play. I have worn this lipstick today and I am so impressed by it! I went out for lunch, so I ate and drank and had tea when I got home and my lipstick is still on! Not as strong as a couple of hours earlier, but it didn't stain the glass or my teeth which I am very happy about! :) So these were 17 well spent Euros :)

Then I also spotted a blush in the colour Harmony, which I really liked because it was matte. They didn't have an excellent range of colours, I couldn't really find a rosey colour I liked, so I decided to go for a darker one which I will use to contour my cheeks. I also looked at some Smashbox blushes (I think?) but they were SO shimmery, it would look like there was a party going on in my face haha. So I  am still looking for a natural looking blush and If any of you have one to recommend, feel free to do so :)

I hope you are all having a lovely evening (I am currently listening to Christmas songs, I can't wait for Christmas!) xx


  1. The lipstick looks really lovely, and long wear is of course always welcome. I'd love to try it on, just to make sure it's not too dark and vampy for me :o). Xx


  2. Wow, danke für's Erwähnen! :)
    Ich fühle mich geehrt! Deine kleine Ausbeute sieht toll aus! Viel Spaß damit!

    Alles Liebe,

  3. the lipstick is such a lovely winter colour!

    lucy xx

  4. der lippenstift von mac hat eine schöne farbe *-*