31 December 2013

Favourite moments of 2013 :)

First of all, I have missed my 1st blog anniversary! Last year in the end of december I created my first blogpost on floralchaos & I'm so happy that I made this step, as I fell in love with blogging and wouldn't be able to imagine not doing it anymore :)

I am so grateful for every single one of my followers & subscribers on my YouTube Channel, when I first started it I honestly didn't believe that anyone would take their time to watch my videos, read my blog posts and comment on either of them, so thank you so much! :)

I picked a couple of pictures from my favourite moments in 2013 (as I did last year) and I hope that you guys enjoy this little round up :)

In February I went to Paris with my mum & absolutely loved it! I loved the Eiffel Tower, the shops and all the olds buildings. 

In spring I went to a place called Bad Ischl in Austria with my class as we had a performance there. It was a lovely scenery, and it's just a gorgeous little town :)

In May I went to a wedding in Lower Austria which was amazing. The scenery, again, was just beautiful & the food they had was delicious, I could have eaten the entire buffet to be honest.

A couple of times this year I went to Bratislava to visit Ivana, which I always really enjoy, we take pictures, make videos and just have lots of fun :)

In summer I went to England with Ivana and Serena and this was probably the best journey I have made this year. It was great to be in England again and see people we haven't seen in a long time, go to Brighton and London. If I could go back to any moment this year, I would choose to go back to England, because I genuinely miss the country a lot.

 And the last place I went to in 2013 was Barcelona with my class. We always had quite a packed schedule, that's why I couldn't see all the places I wanted to see, but I guess one day I'll get the chance to go back and see everything I want to see. It was still a very fun trip which I really enjoyed!

All in all I think 2013 was a great year & I hope that in 2014 I will get to see many places I haven't seen before, get to know new people (I need to attend some blogger meet ups!) and just have lots of fun! :) I hope your 2013 was a good one! If you have a favourite moment/place/thing of 2013, feel free to tell me in the comments below & send me the links to your round up post if you have made one :)

See you next year, guys <3

29 December 2013


On Friday I went to Bratislava after not going there for 4 months to see my lovely hostsister Ivana :)
We went shopping (although I didn't buy a lot), took some pictures and went to her house where we made a video :) We were also vlogging throughout the day, so click HERE if you want to watch our Vlog!

I was wearing my Velvet Skirt form Primark, my Cardigan from River Island and a t-shirt from Only :)

26 December 2013

recent beauty products

Hey guys :)
I just wanted to show you the beauty products I have received for Christmas or bought myself recently. I was so so happy when I opened the naked 2 palette, even though I knew that I was gonna get it as I ordered it myself, but waiting for it for months and then finally holding it in my hands has almost made me cry haha. 

A day before Christmas I bought myself 2 Soap and Glory products of which I hope that they will somehow be able to fix my skin, as I have so many spots at the moment (I need to stop eating Christmas biscuits haha) which I really need to get rid of.

I also received the little version of Jo Malones Nectarine Blossom and Honey. I love the packaging and the scent of it, it's lovely :)

 My mum also got me some Lush Bath Bombs which I'm really happy about, as I have been lusting after them for a while, but never could justify spending my money on :) I especially love the little melted snowman, I think it's just adorable :)

And the last beauty product I received is this lipstick from Urban Decay in the colour Bang which I have seen on Lily Melroses blog and just immediately fell in love with :) 

If you have also received some beauty products and made a blogpost about them, please make sure to leave me your link in the comments, so I can check them out! :) xx

25 December 2013

What do Snowmen eat for lunch?

Icebergers! (extremely funny christmas cracker quote)

So as most of you have probably realised, yesterday, or for some of you today was Christmas & I wouldn't be me if I spent most of the time trying to take some decent pictures. 

 awkward smile
the cutest little thing <3

I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas day! :) xx

24 December 2013

Stop being shy, start kissing Santa

I promised you to post pictures of the walk I took with my family, and I even stayed up till like 1.45 am yesterday to edit them, but somehow I forgot, that it is still necessary to actually upload them if I want to show you them haha.

Also, to everyone who celebrates Christmas today; I wish you a lovely lovely day with you family and I hope you just have a wonderful time :)

I think I need to go there one day, this seems like the right place for me haha :) 

Sorry, that this is a kinda rushed post, but I don't think spending Christmas day in front of my Laptop is what I'm supposed to do haha :) <3

PS: PLEASE watch my newest Vlog which I did with Ivana here :) 

22 December 2013

Christmas vibes at night

When Ivana arrived on Thursday we headed straight into the city centre and grabbed a Starbucks, it's kind of our habit to do that, haha. I had an Iced Chai latte (despite the freezing cold, yes) because I am just obsessed with it and no Gingerbread or Pumpkin Spice Latte will ever be able to take its place. As Starbucks was full with people we had no choice other than take it and walk through the city with it. We went to Stephansplatz, took a few pictures and then headed to the Christmas Market in front of the Rathaus. It's not my favourite Christmas market as I find it to be more like a tourist attraction than a proper market, but it still is kinda nice :) 

 Look at the cute face the barista drew! :)

I am going to the city tomorrow again with my family, so I might take some last christmassy pictures then, I cannot believe that Christmas is going to be over in like 2 - 3 days, it actually genuinely saddens me :( Enjoy the last christmassy days guys! :) xx

20 December 2013

baby, it's cold outside

Yesterday Ivana came to stay at my house overnight so today we went to take a few picture. It was freezing, but what don't we do to take good pictures?! :) 

I bought a velvet dress from Forever21 yesterday and I was so so happy that I just randomly spotted it, because it is literally SO gorgeous. It looks very wintery, so I guess I'm going to wear this a lot until it gets warmer. 

I think I will film a Haul of the things I have bought recently, soon :) Talking of filming, I have just uploaded a new video on YouTube, it's another Get ready with me type of thing and you can watch it here. If you like it, it would be looovely if you could share it around Facebook, Twitter, wherever you want to, but that would really help me :) Thank you!

So now to the actual post; here is my OOTD :)

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the last few christmassy days :) xx

17 December 2013

Christmas Hair, Make Up and Outfit

Hey guys,

I have uploaded a new video on YouTube where I give you some inspiration about festive make up, an outfit & hair. I filmed this on different days, that's why I am always wearing different clothes in all the parts.

It was so much fun editing and making this video & it was also the first time doing a Get ready with me kind of thing :) I am currently editing another Christmas Hair, Outfit & Make Up video, so keep updated to see that, too :)

Please tell me what you think, I'm always open for constructive criticism :) (btw I wouldn't mind if you subscribed or hit the like button if you enjoyed it haha) 

Oh and another thing; does anyone know what happened to the GFC widget? It seems to have disappeared off every blog :( 

15 December 2013

sunday impressions

Today we had our family over for an early christmas celebration as some of them are going away over christmas :) I just wanted to show you a couple of pictures I took today, whilst I should have been studying molecular genetics, but that didn't really happen haha.

I hope you have all had a lovely & relaxed sunday, even though the weekends before christmas don't really tend to be relaxed at all :) xx