20 December 2013

baby, it's cold outside

Yesterday Ivana came to stay at my house overnight so today we went to take a few picture. It was freezing, but what don't we do to take good pictures?! :) 

I bought a velvet dress from Forever21 yesterday and I was so so happy that I just randomly spotted it, because it is literally SO gorgeous. It looks very wintery, so I guess I'm going to wear this a lot until it gets warmer. 

I think I will film a Haul of the things I have bought recently, soon :) Talking of filming, I have just uploaded a new video on YouTube, it's another Get ready with me type of thing and you can watch it here. If you like it, it would be looovely if you could share it around Facebook, Twitter, wherever you want to, but that would really help me :) Thank you!

So now to the actual post; here is my OOTD :)

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the last few christmassy days :) xx