5 December 2013

Black Velvet and that little girl's smile

So recently I have been absolutely loving this velvet skirt which I have bought from Primark. I think it's perfect for winter. I like to wear it with a jumper tucked into it or a crop top like in my last outfit post. This skirt is quite versatile, as it's a really simple one, and goes with almost everything, also velvet is really in fashion this A/W :)

Black velvet...

...and that little girls smile 

These are some rings I have recently bought from H&M. They were about 4 Pounds for a pack of (I think) 11, which I think is a good price! I think they're great, because you can wear many of them without it looking odd & they come in different sizes, so some of them are really delicate whilst others are quite chunky. They also have a glitterish top, which makes them perfect for the Christmas time :)

Hope you guys are having a loooovely pre christmas time :) xx


  1. Lovely skirt, I've been on the hunt for a velvet one ofr ages but just not found the right style. The rings are very delicate and pretty too :o). Xx


  2. Your rings are very nice :) I like them.

  3. So beautifuuul♥! this skirt is perfect.

  4. Schönes Outfit! Und tolle Ringe! Nach denen muss ich auch mal schauen :)

    Liebe Grüße,

    * eleonoras blog *