10 December 2013

Christmas traditions

As Christmas is very very close (in 14 days to be exact), I thought about making a little post sharing some of my or generally some austrian christmas traditions.

Advent wreath
Before december starts we usually buy a wreath made out of straw & some fir branches to attach on it along with some decoration & 4 candles, each for every sunday before Christmas. I honestly don't know the history behind this, but this is not a history blog anyway, so I guess that's enough information :) 

Advent calendars
So I guess this is less of a tradition than a way for business to make even more money in the pre christmas time. Ever since I have been a child I have had an advent calendar, some with toys, chocolatey ones or even some which my mum filled herself. This year I have a beauty one, which I am not very happy with though, but I guess I'll make a separate post about it on the last day. Some people stop having advent calendars as they get older, but I just think that it's a lovely way to make the time until christmas pass a little quicker :)

Christmas markets
As I live in the capital of Austria, we have a lot of them. Most of them offer you things from baubles over handmade toys to the typical punch and mulled wine stands. I love drinking punch, it is such a christmassy drink and it's just a part of the whole festive season for me. When I was in England for a year, I didn't see any Christmas markets where I lived, which made me kind of sad, but I once went to London in December and spotted Winter Wonderland which instantly made me happy again haha :)

Christmas trees
Compared to english people who put their christmas trees up (in my opinion) ridiculously early, we put it up on the 24th, and leave it for about two weeks. Also, our tree is always a real one (I think more people in England tend to buy real ones now too, or am I wrong?) & I just adore the smell it spreads throughout the whole house.

Baking biscuits
Baking is a huge part of christmas for me. I am not normally a fan of baking as I'm just too impatient and untalented for it, but in the christmas season I just must bake some biscuits. We usually bake chocolate balls, biscuits in the shape of a crescent that taste like vanilla & ordinary shortcakes with different toppings. 

Christmas Eve
As some of you might know, most Europeans celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December in the Evening, not on the 25th in the morning. We usually have some relatives over, my mum cooks something & then we have a dessert. We don't have a typical Christmas meal like Turkey in the UK, and I honestly have no idea what a typical Austrian Christmas dish would even be (I am a terrible Austrian haha)

So, even though there was a lot of writing in this post (for my liking) I hope you guys enjoyed this little insight into some of our traditions & it would be lovely if you could tell me how you celebrate christmas, whether it is similar to what I celebrate like or completely different! :) xx


  1. Schöner Post! :-) Das Getränk sieht auch super lecker aus!

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  2. Nice post, I love christmas♥!

  3. schöne Bilder :) ich liebe es auch auf Weihnachtsmärkte zu gehen

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