25 January 2014

BeYu Long Lasting Colour Biggies

YES! I am still alive, although school is almost killing me at the moment & I also had to take a quite important exam which I had to study for, so excuse my absence :)

Last week I watched Miss Glamorazzis Haul where she talked about 2 eyeshadow pencils form NYX in the most perfect shades ever, so I went into our store that does NYX, but they did not have any of them :( They did have eye pencil, yet not the ones with the waterproof formula which I really wanted. 
So after being disappointed for a bit, I spotted the counter of a brand called BeYu which I have never really heard of. I looked through their eyeshadows and saw that they do offer some waterproof pencils, and I even spotted to shades which I love. 

Each of the pencils costs 8,95€ which is not too expensive I think. 

I have been wearing these pencils like every single day last week, they are so quick to apply and it's not even necessary to use brushes, because you can blend them quite well with your fingers. I always wear the darker shade on my entire lid and pop a bit of the lighter shade in the inner part & corner of the eye. I think these sticks are great for going to work or school, because they are so quick to apply and look really subtle & on my eyes they didn't even crease too bad! They claim to be waterproof, but I have not yet had them on whilst there was water near me. 

Colour biggie 306

Colour biggie 316

Have a lovely evening! :) xx

14 January 2014

Urban Decay BANG

 When Lily Melrose blogged about the Urban Decay Lipstick in the colour Bang I instantly fell in love with it and knew that I had to get it at some point as I am just in love with that sort of colours.

Bang is an orangey toned red and it might not be a typical winter colour, but I have just been obsessed with it lately! The pigmentation of the colour is amazing, I apply it with a brush if I want a more subtle colour or with the lipstick if I want it to be really bright. I find that it goes on easier with a brush as the lipstick has a round shape, so it leaves colour outside my lips which is not my preferred look :)

One of the ingredients is a nourishing oil which is supposed to keep the lips soft and smooth. As it is winter and my lips are chappy 24/7 they do get chapped after a while, but I still think that the lipstick does a pretty good job at keeping my lips moisturised. 

I have worn this lipstick when we went to a restaurant to test its longetivity & I was honestly surprised that it lasted until I was finished with my food, because I thought that it would be gliding off my lips quicker because of the oils.

With about 18 Pounds this is obviously not the cheapest lipstick on the market, but if you'd like to invest in a high end lipstick I can definitely recommend this one!

Yesterday I ordered another lipstick from UD, because I love Bang a lot & I hope that I will like 'Streak' just as much :)

Mission: Colour!

Sam from SamIamStyle (go check her out if you don't know her, cos she's loooovely :) ) has had the idea of creating the 'Mission: Colour!' between bloggers who want to take part.

What is the Mission all about?
By taking part in this mission you get assigned a specific blogger whom you will set the mission of wearing a colour by your choice & the blogger will create a wearable look with it. Afterwards the look will be uploaded to the bloggers blog so we can all see each others different creations!

If you want to take part in this fun mission, make sure to contact Sam asap, she will assign one blogger to another on the 1st of February! :) You can comment on this post: http://samiamstyle.blogspot.co.uk/p/mission-colour.html or write her on Twitter!

I hope that many of you will take part, so we can see many different looks & I also think it's a great way to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!


12 January 2014

Primark bargain

Yesterday in my work break I spotted this blue skater dress at Primark and instantly wanted to buy it when I saw that it was only 3€. I had to go a size down as there was no dress in my size left, but oh well. I love this dress because it doesn't look off with opaque tights (which some dresses do in my opinion) and you can layer it easily. 

Today we went on a walk as the weather was just stunning so I took the opportunity to get some pictures of the dress taken. 

I have also just recently sent off my application for Uni & it's like the MOST relieving feeling ever, now I just have to hope that at least one Uni offers me a place. 

Hope you've all had a relaxed sunday :) xx

5 January 2014

the orange statement

a couple of days ago I spotted this little Zara bag in the sales for 19,99€ and kind of fell in love with it. Orange isn't a colour I would normally go for & I think this is actually the first orange piece in my wardrobe. But I thought it would be a nice kind of statement thing to wear with a dark outfit, as I did today.

With the bag I wore my shirt from Brandy Melville and my Disco Leggings form Primark.

sorry for my gross skin, I wanted to remove the spots with my editing software but got bored of it after 5 seconds haha

Hope you're having a lovely sunday <3 xx