12 January 2014

Primark bargain

Yesterday in my work break I spotted this blue skater dress at Primark and instantly wanted to buy it when I saw that it was only 3€. I had to go a size down as there was no dress in my size left, but oh well. I love this dress because it doesn't look off with opaque tights (which some dresses do in my opinion) and you can layer it easily. 

Today we went on a walk as the weather was just stunning so I took the opportunity to get some pictures of the dress taken. 

I have also just recently sent off my application for Uni & it's like the MOST relieving feeling ever, now I just have to hope that at least one Uni offers me a place. 

Hope you've all had a relaxed sunday :) xx


  1. aw you look lovely! Your photos are great too! What camera do you use? x

  2. Stunning pictures! What camera do you use? And do you do anything to them to make them that size? I struggle to get my images to a decent size on my blog :L


  3. Brrrr war's dir nicht kalt? :)
    Ein Kleid um 3€? Wow, ein Schnäppchen! Muss mal wieder zum Primark!

    Alles Liebe,

  4. Such a lovely look! I adore bargains like that. . . I can never resist a dress if it's under $5. :)
    Amazing pictures as well!

  5. Sieht toll aus! Und für nur 3€ gekauft?! Wow! :D

    Liebe Grüße,

    *eleonoras blog*

  6. ein toller Blog! Du siehst super aus(:

  7. Your blog photos are so lovely! Good luck with your uni interviews etc, I'm sure you'll get at least the one you're hoping for! I remember constantly checking the UCAS app waiting for mine many moons ago! x

    The Little Things