25 January 2014

BeYu Long Lasting Colour Biggies

YES! I am still alive, although school is almost killing me at the moment & I also had to take a quite important exam which I had to study for, so excuse my absence :)

Last week I watched Miss Glamorazzis Haul where she talked about 2 eyeshadow pencils form NYX in the most perfect shades ever, so I went into our store that does NYX, but they did not have any of them :( They did have eye pencil, yet not the ones with the waterproof formula which I really wanted. 
So after being disappointed for a bit, I spotted the counter of a brand called BeYu which I have never really heard of. I looked through their eyeshadows and saw that they do offer some waterproof pencils, and I even spotted to shades which I love. 

Each of the pencils costs 8,95€ which is not too expensive I think. 

I have been wearing these pencils like every single day last week, they are so quick to apply and it's not even necessary to use brushes, because you can blend them quite well with your fingers. I always wear the darker shade on my entire lid and pop a bit of the lighter shade in the inner part & corner of the eye. I think these sticks are great for going to work or school, because they are so quick to apply and look really subtle & on my eyes they didn't even crease too bad! They claim to be waterproof, but I have not yet had them on whilst there was water near me. 

Colour biggie 306

Colour biggie 316

Have a lovely evening! :) xx


  1. Wunderschöne Fotos! Hab Miss Glamorazzi's Haul auch gesehen und wollte dann die Eyeshadow Pencils auch haben haha :)

  2. Looks like excellent and super versatile shades I wish this brand was easier for me to try here in Asia!

  3. The colour looks so nice !

  4. Such pretty colours and I love the mini eiffel tower!

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  5. Lovely photos

  6. Ooh this sounds so good! I'm so lazy with makeup and love chubby pencils like this instead of having to use brushes and powder. Gorgeous colours too x