23 February 2014

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails

As soon as Tanya Burr launched her collection on feelunique I bought some bits because I knew that they were going to sell out very quickly. I genuinely loved all of the colours that were available in the lips & nail range, but my budget didn't let me buy them all, so I picked my three favourite items and purchased them.

The first thing I ordered is a lipgloss in the colour Let's travel the world. It is a gorgeous bright red, a colour which I have never had before, so I was really excited to try this one out. I have recently just discovered my love for bright lips, so this was right up my street. The last time I have purchased a lipgloss was probably when I was about 14, because I am just not a big fan of the consistency, however I am in love with Tanya's! It is as little bit sticky as all lipglosses are, but it is not as annoying as usual, and the product stays on for such a long time!

I also picked up two nail polishes; Peach & Cream and Mischief Managed. Peach & Cream is, as the name says, a peachy colour which I think is just absolutely gorgeous for the spring season, especially when you have a tan (which I won't have I guess, but I loved it anyway haha) and Mischief Managed is, like the lipgloss, a gorgeous bright red. I am wearing that colour right now and I am in love with it, the quality is amazing, you only need one layer to make it opaque.

So, I am quite impressed with her products and I can't wait to see them in store when I go to the UK next time. 

Have you picked up anything from Tanya's beauty range? x

20 February 2014

Todays face & Shorter Hair

On Monday I finally gut my hair cut a bit shorter, I think I haven't had it that short since I was like 15 because I always used to be quite overprotective over my hair, but now I was more than excited to get it cut again. I actually love what it looks like & it feels so healthy again! I straighten my hair almost every day and I don't actually realise how broken it is until it is healthy again, it makes such a big difference! On top of the heat I use on my hair a lot, I also bleached it a few times to get my ombré back after it has faded or I dyed a darker colour over it & then wanted the lighter one back. I use many products on my hair that promise to make it smooth & healthy and I love most of them, but I think chopping a few inches off has a much bigger effect. 

Also, I wanted to show you what products I have used on my face today, as I kind of liked my make up today. I would love to do a Get ready with me at some point, but my skin looks terrible at the moment, so I am not really confident with putting my naked face on the Internet. 

So for the base I used my MAC Pro Longwear foundation, my Pro Longwear concealer and on top of that my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which I love, it is really cheap but does a great job in my opinion. On my cheeks I used my Hoola Bronzer which I am obsessed with, and on my eyes I used some rosey shades from the Naked 2 palette and my Collection eyeliner. Then I put Urban Decays Streak on my lips; I am obsessed with this lipstick at the moment! At first I wasn't too impressed as I thought that the colour was going to be a lot more intense but now I just find that it is a great colour to wear to school or work as it is very subtle but still adds something to your lips. 

I hope you are all well & have had a lovely day <3

9 February 2014


Today I went to our house by the lake to film a Lookbook video. It was absolutely pouring down, so this is not as good as I hoped it was going to be, but I don't think that it's horrible :) Please share this video, so as many people as possible can see it :)

Thank youuuu <3

7 February 2014

new bits and pieces

I was running in the speed of light when I saw those rays of the sun shining through the clouds today to take some pictures for my blog. I just find it so much easier to shoot images with natural light instead of building up 5 different lights to get a decent amount of brightness. 

A couple of days ago I made a little stop at Zara whilst I was on my way to somewhere else, mainly because I saw a striped dress online, so I wanted to see what it looked like in real life. I was not impressed with it at all, as it looked more like a shapeless bag than an actual dress, so I was kind of disappointed. In the sale section though, I found a lovely grey jumper for only 16,99 and instantly loved it. Then I picked up a few pieces of jewellery from Bershka and H&M where I also picked up a little black bag that says 'love' which I will put into my bag to keep little things like bobby pins,... 

From Christmas I still had a voucher which my dad gave me to spend on cosmetics, so after picking some things I wanted, I was more than excited for them to arrive at my house. I ordered from an Austrian high end store & from beautybay.com I love beautybay, because they have a wide range of brands & no shipping fees, but they take absolute ages to ship, I already almost forgot what I actually ordered when my parcel arrived after about 16 days. 

Anyway, I was beyond happy when it was finally there and I could finally try out some things that I had been lusting after for a long time, for example the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I honestly do not know how I was able to survive with this base on my lids! I wore my eyeshadow over it for an entire day (and I have been in a TV studio that day where it tends to be quite warm) and it did not crease which I was really impressed with. Also from Urban Decay I ordered an eyeshadow pencil & a lip stick in the shade Streak. I don't love it as much as Bang mainly because the colour is not as intense as I hoped it was going to be, but I still think it is a lovely lip product which I will get a lot of use out especially in spring & summer. 

I am not a massive fan of blushes as I think that they mostly enhance my red areas, but when I spotted the heart shaped blush by TooFaced, it was kind of love at the first sight. The packaging is so adorable & the product looks lovely too. It contains three colours which can be either blended or used on their own. 

And finally, from Benefit I ordered the Hoola Bronzer which I had been lusting after for months, but never really could justify spending my money on. I am absolutely in love with this product; my skin is really pale but this bronzer does not make it look orange or muddy. Last but not least, I ordered the Porefessional Primer. Almost every single blogger on the internet is raving about this product, so I just kind of had to get it, too. It has a flesh colour and it applies so smoothly and makes my foundation feel a lot nicer and also less heavy. 

So, I need to go and continue my essay for school now, have a lovely evening! xx

2 February 2014

A really lazy Sunday

So today has been a really lazy Sunday today. After I woke up I spent about one hour in bed catching up on every single January favourites video that I could find in my subscription box. Afterwards I made myself some breakfast which consisted of cereal (I am not a healthy breakfast kind of person) and freshly made orange juice which is literally the best morning drink in the entire world. 

Then I though it would be a nice day for cleaning my room and getting out my floral duvet and covers, I know it's only February, but I already got all my spring decorations out to give my room a happier vibe. 

As I am the laziest person ever when it comes to cooking, I only made some rice and vegetables for lunch, this is literally no effort at all and it tastes pretty good. 

 I have also tried to do something for school, but I ended up on this YouTube channel once again, so that plan didn't really work out too well... 

What did you do on this Sunday? Have you been productive or as lazy as I have been? xx