7 February 2014

new bits and pieces

I was running in the speed of light when I saw those rays of the sun shining through the clouds today to take some pictures for my blog. I just find it so much easier to shoot images with natural light instead of building up 5 different lights to get a decent amount of brightness. 

A couple of days ago I made a little stop at Zara whilst I was on my way to somewhere else, mainly because I saw a striped dress online, so I wanted to see what it looked like in real life. I was not impressed with it at all, as it looked more like a shapeless bag than an actual dress, so I was kind of disappointed. In the sale section though, I found a lovely grey jumper for only 16,99 and instantly loved it. Then I picked up a few pieces of jewellery from Bershka and H&M where I also picked up a little black bag that says 'love' which I will put into my bag to keep little things like bobby pins,... 

From Christmas I still had a voucher which my dad gave me to spend on cosmetics, so after picking some things I wanted, I was more than excited for them to arrive at my house. I ordered from an Austrian high end store & from beautybay.com I love beautybay, because they have a wide range of brands & no shipping fees, but they take absolute ages to ship, I already almost forgot what I actually ordered when my parcel arrived after about 16 days. 

Anyway, I was beyond happy when it was finally there and I could finally try out some things that I had been lusting after for a long time, for example the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I honestly do not know how I was able to survive with this base on my lids! I wore my eyeshadow over it for an entire day (and I have been in a TV studio that day where it tends to be quite warm) and it did not crease which I was really impressed with. Also from Urban Decay I ordered an eyeshadow pencil & a lip stick in the shade Streak. I don't love it as much as Bang mainly because the colour is not as intense as I hoped it was going to be, but I still think it is a lovely lip product which I will get a lot of use out especially in spring & summer. 

I am not a massive fan of blushes as I think that they mostly enhance my red areas, but when I spotted the heart shaped blush by TooFaced, it was kind of love at the first sight. The packaging is so adorable & the product looks lovely too. It contains three colours which can be either blended or used on their own. 

And finally, from Benefit I ordered the Hoola Bronzer which I had been lusting after for months, but never really could justify spending my money on. I am absolutely in love with this product; my skin is really pale but this bronzer does not make it look orange or muddy. Last but not least, I ordered the Porefessional Primer. Almost every single blogger on the internet is raving about this product, so I just kind of had to get it, too. It has a flesh colour and it applies so smoothly and makes my foundation feel a lot nicer and also less heavy. 

So, I need to go and continue my essay for school now, have a lovely evening! xx


  1. Loved the photography in this post girly! Also, I finally bit the bullet and purchased the Benefit Porefessional as well. You picked up some lovely products

  2. That pouch is so cute, and Zara knitwear is always amazing! X


  3. I love Benefit s cosmetics products:-)

  4. Great buys you have here! I really love the way you took those pictures by the way.. Just, wow :)

  5. Die trui is leuk! Super lekker zacht.

  6. Wunderschöne Fotos! Ich wünschte die Sonne würde sich öfters blicken lassen.. sollte auch mal wieder Bloggen, aber ohne Sonnenlicht wird das nichts.
    Den Zara Jumper finde ich wirklich schön! :)

    Freue mich schon auf Donnerstag! ;-)
    Alles Liebe,

  7. Your blog is so so so nice i've just recently followed you so I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, Rules etc are on here http://sapphiresaysfashion.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/tag-liebster-blog-award.html#comment-form , hope you enjoy hehe :) xx