28 March 2014

Some 'cheer me up' purchases :)

Yesterday I thought I'd buy me some new make up items to cheer me up from the Maths exam that I have probably failed. I have seen several posts from German bloggers that got sent some Essence products (Essence is a brand that you could probably compare to MUA price wise, they just have a much larger variety of products I think) and I found the new collection so pretty that I had to have a look at it in the shop. The collection is so big that they have actually added another stand in my local drugstore. 

From Essence I picked up a little palette with some quite shimmery, neutral spring colours. Essence was probably the first brand I have ever used in my entire life and I have not worn their make up in a couple of years, so I am quite excited to try these eyeshadows. As you can see by the swatches, the colours are all really pigmented! I also picked up a pastel green/blueish nail polish which I was a little disappointed with because it basically looks like a clear varnish when you put it on which is such a shame because the colour looks stunning in the bottle! The last thing I picked up from this brand where some deo wipes (is that odd? haha) which probably come in really handy on plane journeys (I am not flying anywhere soon though :( )

Better late than never I jumped on the bandwagon and bought me a tangle teezer! I have been considering buying one of them since I have been in England for a year (which is two years ago now, craaaazy!) but I never really wanted to spend that amount of money on it, but it's payday today, so....

The last thing I picked up was the L'oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim which I have seen on Suzies blog & eyeliner video and she made the application look so easy, so I picked it hope, because I am rubbish at doing a decent looking eyeliner. Hopefully this helps me a little! 

Also I want to apologise that I hardly ever blog anymore, but school is literally so stressful right now, I have the first part of my final exams in a months time (feel free to wish me luck) and I have to write essay and study loads :( 

Anyway, have a lovely Friday (or whatever day it is you are reading that) <3

16 March 2014

Primark bits and bobs

When I was in Primark yesterday I was mainly looking for some summer sandals and found some lovely pairs, but on my feet they didn't look quite as nice as I wanted them to, so I had a look around the rest of the shop and found some lovely little things that I wanted to share with you!

When I had a look around the new PS love beauty range section I spotted this lovely pair of spotted tweezers. I have been looking for a new pair but usual tweezers don't really appeal to me, so I just had to pick this cute pair for about 3€ up. Other than that I also found a little kit that contains tweezers, a pair of nail scissors, a nail clip and a file. This kit for 2.50 will be a lovely new addition to my handbag :)

Next, I went into the pyjama section. I usually buy my pyjamas from Primark as I think they have the lovliest designs for very reasonable prices. And I know this is very cliché-y but I hate it when my pyjamas have a wide end so the go up my leg when I'm sleeping hence I was very happy when I found some with a cuffed leg. 

In the accessory department I spotted a lovely little flower hairband which I think will look very cute in a bun & a floral crown which I will probably not even wear, but it looked lovely so it went in my basket straight away :)

Last but not least I found these really cute socks which are made of a really odd material but their patterns are just so cool! I picked up one with a picture of London (duh) and one with donuts which was just the cutest thing ever!

Have you been to Primark lately? Did up pick up something nice? :) x

14 March 2014

Artdeco Jungle Fever Collection


A few days ago I went to the presentation of the new Artdeco Jungle Fever Summer Collection, because Anna took me with her :) I have never been to such an event before so this was really exciting for me. The location was stunning, the event took place in the basement of a bar and the atmosphere was just great. We also got offered some Sushi, but as I don't eat fish I only ate one because it looked so delicious, but something that I definitely enjoyed was the freshly made orange juice. Something I also loved was that I finally saw many of the bloggers that I have been reading for months or longer in person :)

The collection includes a bronzer, a blusher, six eyeshadows, two lipsticks, a mascara and an eyeshadow base. The bronzer is quite shimmery which might not be everyones cup of tea, but I think if you want to go for something different, than this is definitely a good option. My skin is very pale and it didn't make me look muddy or orange which for me is very important. 

The blusher in the colour Queen of the Jungle consists of a coral and a darker colour which can be blended together or used separately. I went for the blending option today and I think right now the colour is a tad too dark for me, but I hope it will work when I have a tan (if that ever happens) in the summer because the product just looks so lovely!

I was most excited about the two lipsticks that came in our Goodie Bag in the colours Pearl Mandarin Orange and Pearl Blazing Red, because I am just such a lipstick lover and I cannot have enough of them! Both of them have a creamy texture which makes them glide on very easily and they are quite shimmery. I wore Pearl Blazing Red today and I was quite surprised by how long it stayed on my lips! 

Moving on to the eye products we got six eyeshadows of which of course the two neutrals are my favourites, I don't know if I could make a green or blue work. I wore them today and put the base underneath. I don't love the base as much as my Urban Decay Primer Potion, but it is definitely a good product and also not as pricey. 

All in all I think the new collection is absolutely lovely and I think I will get a lot of use out of those products, especially the lipsticks. 

What do you think about the Jungle Fever Collection? 

These products are sponsored. 

6 March 2014

skincare additions

So my skin has been a disaster recently, I have extremely broken out in my T-Zone and was pretty much clueless about what I should do to make it go away, because shoving tons of foundation and concealer may fix the problem for a couple of hours, but it certainly doesn't solve it permanently. 

I have then decided to invest in two products which I have heard several people talk about; Bioderma & Grease Lightning by Lush. I picked up the Bioderma cleanser because it is supposed to remove face & eye make up very gently and it claims to support sensitive skin. I have used it once so far, and it made a really good impression on me! It removes my eye make up very well, I use the Maybelline rocket mascara which is a struggle to remove with most cleansers, but I felt like Bioderma did an amazing job! What I especially loved about it is that it doesn't leave a layer of oil on my eyes & it doesn't make my skin feel tense which most cleansers I have used so far, do. 

The other item, Grease Lightning, is supposed to be applied onto one (or in my case several) spot/s and it will dry the blemish. I applied this after putting moisturiser on my face before going to bed, it is a gel-ish consistency which dries on the spot very quickly. After applying it 2 days in a row I have definitely seen some results, not all of my spots have disappeared, but they have definitely shrunk. 

All in all, even though both of these items weren't on the cheap side; Bioderma was 19.90€ & Grease Lightning 9.95€, I am glad that I bought them, because so far I am very happy with them!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you use to treat your spots and blemishes? xx

2 March 2014

Spring feelings

A few weeks ago I was invited to the Otto Showroom in Vienna to have a look at their spring collection. I don't know if Otto is known in other countries, but it is an Online shop that offers a wide range of clothing items from different brands such as Buffalo or Billabong. 

We were allowed to pick some items which we liked to take pictures with and then send them back again, that was a great opportunity to try things that I would not usually pick. I chose a black coat, a striped t-shirt, a dress (which I will blog about soon) and a pair of leather leggings which sadly don't fit me, so I can't take pictures of them.

I have completely fallen in love with the thin coat from Buffalo, I think it would be perfect for spring weather and I'm actually thinking about keeping it. What do you think about the coat, I know it's black & therefore not a typical spring item, but I have many monochrome pieces which I think it would fit to very well. The T-Shirt that I am wearing is from Billabong & has a really cute detailing on the back.

What do you think about those two items? :) Have a lovely sunday! xx