28 March 2014

Some 'cheer me up' purchases :)

Yesterday I thought I'd buy me some new make up items to cheer me up from the Maths exam that I have probably failed. I have seen several posts from German bloggers that got sent some Essence products (Essence is a brand that you could probably compare to MUA price wise, they just have a much larger variety of products I think) and I found the new collection so pretty that I had to have a look at it in the shop. The collection is so big that they have actually added another stand in my local drugstore. 

From Essence I picked up a little palette with some quite shimmery, neutral spring colours. Essence was probably the first brand I have ever used in my entire life and I have not worn their make up in a couple of years, so I am quite excited to try these eyeshadows. As you can see by the swatches, the colours are all really pigmented! I also picked up a pastel green/blueish nail polish which I was a little disappointed with because it basically looks like a clear varnish when you put it on which is such a shame because the colour looks stunning in the bottle! The last thing I picked up from this brand where some deo wipes (is that odd? haha) which probably come in really handy on plane journeys (I am not flying anywhere soon though :( )

Better late than never I jumped on the bandwagon and bought me a tangle teezer! I have been considering buying one of them since I have been in England for a year (which is two years ago now, craaaazy!) but I never really wanted to spend that amount of money on it, but it's payday today, so....

The last thing I picked up was the L'orĂ©al Super Liner Perfect Slim which I have seen on Suzies blog & eyeliner video and she made the application look so easy, so I picked it hope, because I am rubbish at doing a decent looking eyeliner. Hopefully this helps me a little! 

Also I want to apologise that I hardly ever blog anymore, but school is literally so stressful right now, I have the first part of my final exams in a months time (feel free to wish me luck) and I have to write essay and study loads :( 

Anyway, have a lovely Friday (or whatever day it is you are reading that) <3