8 May 2014

I have short hair!

Yesterday I finally had my long awaited appointed at my hairdressers to get my hair cut short. Almost every single blogger or youtuber has cut their hair in the past few months & I just wanted to join the bandwagon and try something different, as I have had quite long hair for the past few years. First of all I wanted to mention that I absolutely loved the hairdresser I have been to. I went to a place called Kamm&Cut in Vienna and didn't expect much of it as almost every hairdresser I have ever been to has had pretty average costumer service, but the people there were just so lovely & you could see that they genuinely loved their job. 

The t-shirt that I am wearing is a boyfriend shirt from Primark & I currently am in love with everything that has stripes on it, so I had to get it. The hat is also from Primark and I didn't actually wear that when I went outside I just wanted to show you my two most recent purchases :) 

Also I do want to apologise for the black and white photo, but I am just a failure when it comes to choosing the right aperture & ISO setting so my skin just looks way to dark on the original, SORRY :) 

Are you also planning on switching your hair up a little for the Spring/Summer season? :) 


  1. i wanted to cut my hair but I look better with long :D but I got redone ombre :) however, you look stunning

  2. Your hair looks fantastic and so healthy! I always like shoulder length hair but then I miss my hair buns and braids too much to keep my hair so short. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  3. whats your lens?

  4. It fits you so nicely.The camera you use is awesome.Great blog :)