11 May 2014

rise like a phoenix

First of all, I need to express my happiness about the fact that Conchita won the ESC 2014. The last time Austria won was 1966 and that's kind of a long while ago. After checking all the social media after work and seeing how many people liked Conchita I somehow had the feeling that we are going to do well this year & I was so so happy when we actually got the most points. It just feels so great that a person that does not conform to the standards of our society is able to reach something big and be who she wants to be. This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom.

As it was mothers day today in Austria, we went out for lunch to an Austrian restaurant with the whole family. I was planning on taking some proper outfit pictures outside but the weather didn't agree with my plan & decided to pour down :( I hope this is going to change soon, I need to start getting a tan! So as I couldn't take pictures outside I decided to take pictures of my make up, which wasn't anything special, but oh well haha.

After months I dug my MAC matchmaster foundation out of my drawer and I kind of missed using it, I feel like I can never attach to a foundation at first, I need to leave it in the corner for a few months and eventually I'll like it again. Then I wore the bronzer* from ArtDeco that I wear every day, eyeshadows* as well from ArtDeco, a MaxFactor mascara that I've just recently discovered which is great because it actually gives a lot of volume, my L'oreal super liner which makes drawing and eye line super easy and my beloved LipGlaze* from JCats. For the past couple of weeks I have also worn Essie's cute as a button, I am obsessed with this colour, it is the most perfect shade for spring ever!

Did you do something special for mother's day? :) 


  1. hübsch :D die haare passen dir so gut!

  2. ich liebe essie's cute as a button auch :D

    x Vivi

  3. I loved Conchita as well! Such an amazing performance! If you don't mind me asking, what camera do you use? These photos are stunning and I've been looking for a camera that'll take high quality photos. Lovely post!