25 June 2014

shoes and other things :)

 I basically stood on a chimney and risked my life for that picture haha! 

Although I am off to England for a few days on Friday where some serious damage will be done, I could not resist getting one last pair of sandals last week. I am currently obsessed with anything black with gold hardware or gold elements, so when I spotted these shoes I knew that I needed them in my little sandal collection.  These sandals were 25,99€ which I don't know whether I should find it expensive or not, because they're only from Pull&Bear and not from an actual shoe shop, but they just looked so gorgeous so I couldn't really resist. 

When I took a few pictures of them yesterday, I also decided to just take a few other random photos, so that's why this post is not just dedicated to my new beauties. My outfit is nothing special, I just wore it to go out for dinner & as we sat outside I opted for basic jeans, a black top and my favourite knitted cardigan. 

Also, if any of you are from England, please make the weather be good for the weekend, I'm not too keen on being soaked all the time haha :) 

20 June 2014

Glossybox Stars & Stripes Edition June 2014

I always get excited for the new Glossybox, but this month I was especially excited to receive it, because they are currently doing a Stars & Stripes edition* which obviously means that they give you products from American brands. As I have never been to America I was very excited to be able to try brands that I have never had the chance to try before. 

The first product is from a brand that is very popular everywhere & I actually own this product already, but I was still very happy to receive a mini version of the Benefit They're Real* Mascara. I personally love this mascara a lot, it lengthens my eyelashes & it even stayed on when I had an emotional breakdown during my oral exams haha. 

Next I received an eye primer* from a brand called Nicka K New York. What I find very cool about this product is that it is not transparent or white as f.e. the Urban Decay one, it actually is a very pale shade which is perfect for my light skintone! I wore this yesterday along with the third and last eye product in the box which is an eyeshadow pencil* from Sumita Beauty. I hardly every use eyeshadow anymore because I have very small lids so you can't really see it anyway and usually it's just really time consuming, but I'll definitely use this when I'm in the mood to pop a bit of colour onto my eyelids. 

I was very excited when I spotted the bright lipstick* from Bellapierre Cosmetics in the shade Ruby. It looks a lot darker on the picture than it is, but it's a really lovely summer reddish shade that I'll definitely be wearing a lot and the lasting power was very impressive too! 

Last and maybe least is the Schwarzkopf Got2Be Soufflé*. I personally am not a big fan of hairstyling products (I only ever use hair oil and a heat protector after washing it) that you put into dry hair, because I feel like they always make my hair kind of crunchy and weird. I used this on a day where my hair looked absolutely rubbish so maybe that's why I wasn't that impressed, but this is definitely my least favourite product of the box.

All in all I think they did an amazing job with this months box & I can definitely see myself using all of the face products on a regular basis! 

What do you think about beauty boxes? Are you subscribed to any of them? xx

19 June 2014

dinner with a view

Two things that a love a lot are definitely food and pretty views hence I was really excited when my mum told me that we were going out for dinner on the 57th floor of the DC Tower in Vienna. If you have been reading my blog for a little while you might know that we have been there for breakfast already, but this was on the 2nd floor so you didn't get the awesome sight over the entire city. 

When I opened the menu at the restaurant I was honestly a little bit disappointed, because they only have very very posh food like mussels or other animals that I just don't eat, because I am a very very fussy eater haha. In the end I opted for a risotto but I honestly can't tell you what the ingredients were because I have never heard of them before. Before the main course we got served salads that which were delicious (minus the mustard) and different kinds of bread as well as a rhubarb soufflé. 

The staff in the restaurant were incredibly friendly, f.e. there was a little glass thing with something inside (yay for great descriptions!) that broke and as an apology they brought all of us a little desert which was so sweet of them. (but I guess it's kinda their duty considering how expensive everything is haha)

So all in all I had a really good time at the restaurant, I just wish that there was a bigger variety of food for extremely fussy eaters like me. 

Have a good evening <3 

17 June 2014

enjoying the fields

Usually I don't enjoy living her very much; it takes ages to get into the city and there's not a lot to do if you don't really know anyone so it tends to get kind of boring (I'm acting as if I lived in the middle of nowhere haha but it's really just the outer parts of Vienna) but as soon as I see the fields and that little river I live nearby I remember that it is not that bad at all. When Ivana came last week I wanted to show her these pretty places and we took the chance to take some outfit pictures as well. This is also the outfit that I wore to the Miley Cyrus concert afterwards :) 

The top I am wearing is from Topshop and the skirt as well as the shoes are from H&M, not very Miley-ish at all but I'm neither brave nor skinny enough to wear something that resembles her style haha! 

By the way, I have finished school now FOREVER and surprisingly I passed all my exams so I will have a lot of time to invest in my blog now (although I feel a bit down about it right now) and I really want to put a lot more effort into now as well. 

Have a good night my loveeees :) xx

11 June 2014

Floral Crop top + Skater Skirt

Yesterday Ivana came to Vienna because we went to the Miley Cyrus concert which was absolutely amazing! I have been wanting to see her live since I was like 13 and 6 years later I finally got the chance :) It was a great concert with an impressive stage & Miley herself seems so nice! :) 

Before that though, we went to Schönbrunn which you might know because of the castle, but we just went to the Zoo and took some pictures in the alley. I wore a skater skirt & a crop top from H&M and my Primark Sandals. I adore the look of these sandals, but they are by far the most painful shoes ever, I literally have massive blisters on my soles now and I can't even walk properly anymore haha, I actually went to H&M and bought a pair of ballerinas to wear for the rest of the day because I just could not walk in my sandals anymore. (I'm pretty sure you all really appreciate that information about my feet haha, sorry) 

Have a good evening! :) 

7 June 2014

Primark chunky sandals

First of all I do want to apologise that I have not blogged in ages, I have not lost the interest in it, but I have my final exams in 6 days and I am beyond scared, so I invest a lot of time in studying right now.  So after I finish these exams, I will start to invest a lot of time in my blog & I really want to make some videos again, because I actually do miss it :)

Anyway, a few weeks ago I spotted a pair of chunky sandals in Primark and I absolutely fell in love with them, but didn't pick them up because I wasn't sure whether I'd wear them or how I would style them, but a while later I noticed that they have been reduced to 5€ and I just had to pick them up, because actually it was love on the first sight haha. I have not worn them before today because I basically don't leave my house a lot at the moment as I have to study, but today I finally got the chance to show to world (or rather the few people that live here) my new beauties. I think they really add that little something to a simple outfit & I absolutely adore the gold hardware on them. The top I wore with the shoes is from Brandy Melville and the skirt is from H&M, all of these things are still available, apart from my Zara bag :)

Have a lovely (extended) weekend! :)