17 June 2014

enjoying the fields

Usually I don't enjoy living her very much; it takes ages to get into the city and there's not a lot to do if you don't really know anyone so it tends to get kind of boring (I'm acting as if I lived in the middle of nowhere haha but it's really just the outer parts of Vienna) but as soon as I see the fields and that little river I live nearby I remember that it is not that bad at all. When Ivana came last week I wanted to show her these pretty places and we took the chance to take some outfit pictures as well. This is also the outfit that I wore to the Miley Cyrus concert afterwards :) 

The top I am wearing is from Topshop and the skirt as well as the shoes are from H&M, not very Miley-ish at all but I'm neither brave nor skinny enough to wear something that resembles her style haha! 

By the way, I have finished school now FOREVER and surprisingly I passed all my exams so I will have a lot of time to invest in my blog now (although I feel a bit down about it right now) and I really want to put a lot more effort into now as well. 

Have a good night my loveeees :) xx


  1. Amazing photos!! ♥

  2. top that you are wearing is absolutely amazing!:3 i love those photos!

  3. Amazing photos dear :)))

  4. super cute pics. (:
    and love this flower prints