11 June 2014

Floral Crop top + Skater Skirt

Yesterday Ivana came to Vienna because we went to the Miley Cyrus concert which was absolutely amazing! I have been wanting to see her live since I was like 13 and 6 years later I finally got the chance :) It was a great concert with an impressive stage & Miley herself seems so nice! :) 

Before that though, we went to Schönbrunn which you might know because of the castle, but we just went to the Zoo and took some pictures in the alley. I wore a skater skirt & a crop top from H&M and my Primark Sandals. I adore the look of these sandals, but they are by far the most painful shoes ever, I literally have massive blisters on my soles now and I can't even walk properly anymore haha, I actually went to H&M and bought a pair of ballerinas to wear for the rest of the day because I just could not walk in my sandals anymore. (I'm pretty sure you all really appreciate that information about my feet haha, sorry) 

Have a good evening! :) 


  1. Hallo Conny! :) Ich wusste gar nicht, dass du auch einen Blog hast. Deine Bilder sind wundervoll, ich liebe deinen Blog! Ich hoffe, es geht dir gut :)

    xx, Jenny

  2. girl you got style!
    i readevery post und all you outfits are so beautiful