25 June 2014

shoes and other things :)

 I basically stood on a chimney and risked my life for that picture haha! 

Although I am off to England for a few days on Friday where some serious damage will be done, I could not resist getting one last pair of sandals last week. I am currently obsessed with anything black with gold hardware or gold elements, so when I spotted these shoes I knew that I needed them in my little sandal collection.  These sandals were 25,99€ which I don't know whether I should find it expensive or not, because they're only from Pull&Bear and not from an actual shoe shop, but they just looked so gorgeous so I couldn't really resist. 

When I took a few pictures of them yesterday, I also decided to just take a few other random photos, so that's why this post is not just dedicated to my new beauties. My outfit is nothing special, I just wore it to go out for dinner & as we sat outside I opted for basic jeans, a black top and my favourite knitted cardigan. 

Also, if any of you are from England, please make the weather be good for the weekend, I'm not too keen on being soaked all the time haha :) 

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