10 July 2014

London beauty shopping

For a couple of months I have been writing numerous make up items to purchased down on my London wishlist; beauty shopping in England is always very exciting for me because there are plenty of brands that we don't get here in Austria. If you have been following me for a long time, you might remember that I posted a Make Up haul from England too and there were a lot of items, in fact it was kind of getting out of control so this year I knew that I wouldn't want to exaggerate my beauty shopping again. 

The first few items that I picked up were lip products which most of you have probably heard of; they're the Revlon lip crayons that come in different varieties like matte, lacquer or balm stain. I was mainly excited for the matte balms from which I purchased 205 elusive and 210 unapologetic, but I also picked up a balm stain in the colour 045 romantic. The matte balms have a great colour pay off, where as the balm stain applies rather sheer which I was kind of disappointed with; I'm just gonna have to put a lot of layers over each other haha!

Next, I picked up the Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser in the shade terre neuve, because I love a lighter base in the summer rather than caking on lots of full coverage foundation. I also picked up the Bourjois Healthy mix serum in the shade Light vanilla, which was the lightest one available I believe. I'm really happy with both of them, the colours are probably more appropriate when I'm tanned than when I'm not & both of them don't look cakey at all, they have a really natural finish.

I was very excited when I went into Urban Outfitters and found the EOS lipbalms, so many american youtubers talk about them, but I have never been to a store that actually stocks them before, so although they were more expensive than on amazon, I picked one in the minty flavour up, and I love it! It moisturises my lips pretty well & I'm also in love with what it tastes like, I actually have to hold myself back from licking it off my lips! For ages I have wanted a beauty item from topshop, but I kind of find them a little bit expensive & I wasn't really impressed with anything so far, but this time I fell in love with a lipstick in the colour hazard. It's a dark red and although this isn't the most summery colour I have been really enjoying this product so far. And the very last lip product is the Rimmel apocalips lip lacquer in the colour Big Bang. On the packaging it looks like a normal red lip colour, yet applied on the lips it turns kind of pink/coralish which I didn't really like at first because I had this perfect red in my head, but I think I'll find a way to wear it, especially in summer.

Initially I want to buy a Nars concealer as they're supposed to be really good, but then i decided to go for a more budget friendly option and bought the Rimmel Wake me Up concealer in the lightest shade. I think it does a really good job at covering up the under eye area, but I haven't had any spots recently (yay!) so I don't know how well it covers blemishes. When you made a Rimmel purchase in Boots over £9 then you got a Rimmel bronzer as a gift, so I thought I'd include that in my Haul as well. 

And last but not least I picked up three nail polishes from Barry M in the shades Elderberry, Coconut and Foil effects. The first two are really neutral shades which probably look best when you're tanned, because they're very light shades. 

Have you made any beauty purchases recently? Is there something that I should pick up next time I'm in the UK? :) 


  1. Ich liebe die Produkte von Nars!!
    Tolle Ausbeute :)
    liebe Grüße, Vicky

  2. toller Haul. Momentan bin ich irgendwie nicht so auf beauty aus. wobei die maybeline rocket mascara waterproof super ist. Liebst, Vanessa

  3. The colors this lips are amazing <3


  4. Lovely post, the photographs are so beautiful!

  5. Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! :)

    Great post, gorgeous pictures!! I have a new post up, would love to know your thoughts:



  6. I'm laughing a little bit because I did the exact same - one of the first things I wanted to do when I arrived in the UK was pick up the beauty products I've seen British bloggers/vloggers talk about! Although we have a lot of brands in America, there are still a lot of things here that I don't see back home. This isn't exclusive to the UK, but the product I've been getting a lot of use out of lately is the Clinique chubby stick for cheeks!