26 July 2014

the perfect lace dress

 When I spotted this adorable lace dress with a subtle floral pattern at Camden Market, it was love at the first sight, but I was skeptical as to whether it would fit me because I am not the skinniest girl & wearing tight dresses is not happening for me right now. When I tried it on I realised that it was quite lose but also didn't look shapeless, it was perfect. And considering it wasn't very expensive, I took this gorgeous beaut home with me. 

In Turkey I finally got to wear it for the first time, because I wanted to wait until I caught a bit of a tan and had a location that would do my little dress justice. As I mentioned, the dress is from a little store on Camden Road, my hairband is from Greenwich market and my bag is from Brandy Melville

Have a good night <3 


  1. The dress is gorgeous! xx


  2. This dress is very pretty.
    Love your outfit. Every piece goes really wel together.

    Xx Anne

  3. That dress is so nice and that floral crown really makes the whole outfit :)


  4. Das Kleid ist so hübsch und steht dir richtig gut! Ich mag Spitzenkleider sehr, sehr gerne, aber an mir finde ich sie leider ziemlich furchtbar :(