2 July 2014

the perfect pair of ripped jeans

On top of my 'what to buy in London' list was a pair of black ripped jeans, I love the kind of edgy look of them and nice black jeans are a wardrobe staple that my wardrobe has not seen in a very long time, so I was more than excited when I spotted these Jamie jeans in Topshop. Buying jeans, or trousers in general is never something that I enjoy, I never feel like they fit or look right on me, but I honestly was surprised when I tried these ones because they felt so perfect! I always hesitate when I buy jeans with a price tag over 50€, but considering the last good pair of jeans that I have bought is about 2 years ago, I went for the Moto Jamie Jeans. 

In this outfit, which I wore on my second day in London, I combined the jeans with a flowy top from Miss Selfridge, a hat from Topshop and a cardigan from Vero Moda. I really want to start wearing this hat more because I am in love with it, but if you wear things like this in Vienna you stick out of the crowd which I don't really enjoy whereas in London it's kind of normal and not a big deal at all. 

I was going to post all my outfit on the same day as I wore them whilst I was in London, but my phone provider didn't let me connect to 3LikeHome, hence I had no internet except in restaurants or cafés. (btw, not having internet access 24/7 is so relaxing, you need to try it haha!) 


  1. Your jeans are awesome ! i love this outfit :))

  2. i'm obsessed with ripped jeans, they look great on you!

    xx fameliquorlove

  3. This outfit is soo great..ripped jeans and your hat..love it! <3

  4. this look so great!.. i love this pants with a rip on the knee.. and you hat is very cute (:
    i love and follow your blog now


  5. Tolles outfit! Gefällt mir sehr gut, schlicht aber doch irgendwie anders durch den Hut. Hast einen echt tollen Blog, werde dir bei bloglovin folgen! Liebst, Vanessa

  6. The outfit looks so lovely! I love it. xx