28 July 2014

turkey impressions

The last time I have been on a proper beach holiday was 2009, which is now 5 years ago, so obviously I was very excited about being able to get tanned, relax without having to feel guilty about it and of course capture some beautiful moments, some of which I know want to share with you. 

I don't consider myself good at photography, but I really enjoy experimenting with different angles and types of light, so as keen as I am I once got up at 4.30 am to stroll to the beach and wait for the sun to rise. At first I felt very uncomfortable taking pictures because there was a security guy watching me for some reason, but then I just went ahead and remembered that I won't get this chance again in a while. All the pictures apart from the cat were taking with my new little Sony underwater camera and I am honestly impressed with what the pictures look like! 

Sadly, all the pictures that I have taken underwater aren't worth putting up here; I find it really hard to open my eyes under water to I always just took random pictures and ended up having other peoples bodies on my photos haha. I hope you still like these ones :)

Gooooood night guys :) xx


  1. Wow! That seems really relaxing :) Lovely photos hun! I really feel awkward as well when someone's watching me take photos. I looove taking sunset photos as much as I love taking sunrise ones, but I just can't get up that early (unless I don't sleep at all).


  2. Nice pictures, looking at them calms me down somehow :) xx

  3. These are really beautiful photos! I love getting up early and taking photos of the sun rising! I especially love the last one xx

  4. beautiful photos! ♥

  5. For some reason i would like to see a photo of the cat underwater, i guess one can only wish.
    A tip if you want to see underwater would be getting swimming goggles, they work for a short period of time holding your breath.
    However, if you want to see underwater for a long time and comfortably i suggest a mask and snorkel. which may not be very conventional for a fashion queen but hey creativity, at times, involves some compromising.
    You are good at taking photos, you may not consider yourself good YET but if you keep up the good work, trying new things, thinking outside the box, you can only get better.
    Life is beautiful, all we need to learn is, i believe, how to coexist, appreciate it, enjoy it, and capture it.
    Nice blog!

  6. so lovely photos :) I complety agree with you feeling uncomfortable taking pictures when the security guy was watching ... I always feel this when I'm doing an outfit post and people see me :DD