31 August 2014

my summer according to iPad pictures

This time last year I wrote a post called summer according to phone pictures so I thought that this year I'd do the same, just with iPad pictures, because since I got my iPad in June I've mainly been using that to take random photos. 

In the end of June I went to London for a few days with my mum as my graduation present and we spent a couple of days strolling around cute areas, browsing through markets and relaxing by the sea in Brighton. England has definitely been the highlight of my summer, I just adore this place.

My holiday in Turkey in July has been lovely especially and very relaxing because I haven't had a proper beach holiday since like 2009, so it was great to get up and just enjoy the day without having to think of any duties. I tried to catch a tan, but I think my skin has lost the ability to get darker haha.

After having about 2 weeks off after Turkey, I started working in the beginning of August. Those 4 weeks of my internship have gone incredibly quickly and I genuinely enjoyed my time there (and I am not just saying this because some of you might be reading this, I honestly mean it! :) ) 

Now I have 17 days left until I start my University journey in Southampton and I don't think I could be any more excited. Two days after I arrive in Southampton I will be heading up to London to see Colleen Ballinger and I still can't really comprehend that this is actually happening haha. I will link you all my summer posts/videos below if you want to check any of them out! 

What was your summer highlight? :) x


27 August 2014

Trip to Graz

 the best looking cuppa I've had in my entire life! 

Travelling and exploring new places is one of my favourite things to do - I love walking around a place I don't know discovering cute little shops and cafés and having good food for dinner. Last week I had two days off of work so we headed to a town called Graz for a night. I have never been there before so I was very curious as to how it was going to be. Something that I immediately noticed was how friendly everyone was! Vienna being a rather big city everyone seems to live in their own little bubble without really minding anyones business apart from their own, so getting to a smaller place where people are welcoming and helpful is just so lovely!

After we dropped off our luggage in the hotel room, we did some sightseeing; we went through the town, up the hill to see the clock tower and then we headed to the Kunsthaus which is such a modern & impressive building, I love architecture like that! Apart from the modern aspects, Graz also has a nice variety of old and truly beautiful buildings with gorgeous embellishments on their walls. 

Of course a city trip is not complete with out some shopping though; when I saw Zara I couldn't resist the urge to buy Autumn clothes anymore and bought two Autumn tops, one of which is featured in my last blogpost. I could have bought a lot more, but moving to another country is slowly making me skint so I couldn't go as crazy as I would have liked to. 

In the next few days I am going to show you pictures of what we got up to on the second day, but I didn't want this post to be too picture heavy! Have a lovely evening :) xx

23 August 2014

checked shirt + ombré

This year there has been a massive misconception between the weather and the population regarding the this years 'summer'. Ever since I have been back from Turkey which is about 4 weeks ago, there was not one day that we could have called summery. Instead of complaining, I was very happy to wear my autumn clothes already and shop for some new pieces. I didn't go on a massive shopping trip because I will save that for London, but I can never resist when Zara get their new collection (I am obsessed with this shop) so when I went in there yesterday I naturally could not leave without a bag.

Chequered shirts have never really been my thing before, but this one caught my eye and I just had to get it (I even put it on right after I bought it, that's how obsessed I am) and I am in love! The fabric is not flannel, it is more flowy and thin so it's definitely great for days that aren't too hot but also not freezing. 

Another recent purchase are my rain boots that look like Chelsea boots and they are quite possible the first pair of shoes that did not give me blisters, yay! They were super comfortable to walk in for about 10 hours, they come in very handy in this weather and they were quite cheap which is always a good thing haha!

PS: Someone asked me a question in my comments, but you commented anonymously and I feel very bad for not being able to get back to you, so please write me on twitter or an email, so I can get back to you! :) 

15 August 2014

Happy Birthday, Glossybox!

In celebration of the Glossybox turning 3 years old, a few bloggers came together in the Martini Lounge at the Filmfestival in Vienna. The event began with a delicious glass of Martini - I am usually not a fan of champagne or fizzy alcohol, but this one was heavenly, I don't think, that the bottle that we received will last very long! With it's 3rd birthday, the Glossybox has also changed up its design - it used to have a shiny finish which is now matte. I adore the new look of it, it looks very elegant! After we had a look into the August edition, we celebrated with a massive Glossybox cake which was delicious, we even got our own mini versions of it to take home! 

In this months box you will find a Kryolan highlighter* in the shade cashmere that has been created especially for the anniversary. Highlighting is a step that I never want to leave out in my make up routine, it makes me face look glowy and I can accentuate areas like the top of my cheekbones or the inner corners of my eyes. You will also receive a blush from So Susan Cosmetics*, that is supposed to give your cheeks a rosey glow; in contrast to the highlighting part, I never use blush though, I just can't figure out how to apply it without it looking odd. The next product is the Honeymania shower gel form The Body Shop* which smells delicious! I never eat honey, because I am not a big fan of the taste and its consistency, but the smell is just so pleasant, I am in love :) The (in my opinion) most gorgeous looking product is the Diadermine Huile de Beauté*, it is supposed to tighten your skin and make it look more even. I have never used a product like that before, but I am very curious about trying this oil, as it sounds very promising and my skin can definitely need some tightening haha! The last original size product in this box is the Vichy Idéalia* day cream for normal skin that is supposed to make your skin look more even and to minimize the appearance of your pores. I am definitely going to be using this during the day, so I can save my Effacler Duo + for the night as I usually run out of that quite quickly! And the very last product is a sample size of the Paco Rabanne* Lady Million perfume. I usually never use samples of perfumes because I quite like sticking to my usual scent but it is definitely a pretty addition to my glass in which I hoard all of the sample size perfumes that I am given. 

I think that they did a really good job with this months Glossybox and I was very relieved that there was no hair product in there, because I have way too many of them already! I am most excited about the highlighter & the shower gel, but I am definitely going to give every product a try!

What do you think about this months products? Are you familiar with any of them? 

10 August 2014

uni shopping | stationery

The thing I have always been most excited about going back to school or this year starting uni, is stationery shopping. I simply cannot resist a set of fresh pens or pencil cases with cute designs, so whilst my collection of school supplies increases rapidly, my bank balance decreases in the blink of an eye. 

A few days ago I popped into a shop, because the 'Stationery sale' sign was too big too simply ignore and I left with a collection of neon markers, too many washi tapes (I literally went crazy with them omg) and other bits and bobs that I probably wouldn't even need. Besides the stationery I also picked up a few kitchen supplies as I'll be moving to Uni in 38 days, but I thought that that'd be a bit too boring to be honest, I did post a video on my YouTube channel though where I've included them. 

Do you enjoy buying stationery as much as I do? :) xx

6 August 2014

crochet kimono

I am not a big festival goer, but of course that didn't make me leave out the kimono trend, these pieces are just gorgeous & make every plain outfit look so much more interesting and put together! I spotted this lovely one in New Look when I was in Brighton and had to pick it up, not only because it was black and didn't have an annoying big print of flowers (I strongly dislike them haha) but also because of it's cute crochet part on the sleeves and the bottom of the kimono. 

To be honest, I did find it kind of tricky to style it though. Kimonos look great with crop tops/high waisted shorts but due to my body size I don't feel comfortable wearing either of those pieces, so I opted for a plain black t-shirt and some flowy khaki shorts which I actually bought on the same day that Ivana took the pictures. I think these shorts are super cute and very convenient and the heat, plus they were only 4€! 

The kimono was 24.99 Pounds which thinking about it now I think is a bit expensive, but it was too gorgeous not to buy :) If you want to check it out, I looked up the link for you lovelies, so just click here :) 

Have you bought a kimono this summer? How would you style it? :) xx