6 August 2014

crochet kimono

I am not a big festival goer, but of course that didn't make me leave out the kimono trend, these pieces are just gorgeous & make every plain outfit look so much more interesting and put together! I spotted this lovely one in New Look when I was in Brighton and had to pick it up, not only because it was black and didn't have an annoying big print of flowers (I strongly dislike them haha) but also because of it's cute crochet part on the sleeves and the bottom of the kimono. 

To be honest, I did find it kind of tricky to style it though. Kimonos look great with crop tops/high waisted shorts but due to my body size I don't feel comfortable wearing either of those pieces, so I opted for a plain black t-shirt and some flowy khaki shorts which I actually bought on the same day that Ivana took the pictures. I think these shorts are super cute and very convenient and the heat, plus they were only 4€! 

The kimono was 24.99 Pounds which thinking about it now I think is a bit expensive, but it was too gorgeous not to buy :) If you want to check it out, I looked up the link for you lovelies, so just click here :) 

Have you bought a kimono this summer? How would you style it? :) xx


  1. Wow! So pretty. I love the detailing on its ends!


  2. really nice.. i haven´t bought it yet but i want to asap! they are just lovely!

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