31 August 2014

my summer according to iPad pictures

This time last year I wrote a post called summer according to phone pictures so I thought that this year I'd do the same, just with iPad pictures, because since I got my iPad in June I've mainly been using that to take random photos. 

In the end of June I went to London for a few days with my mum as my graduation present and we spent a couple of days strolling around cute areas, browsing through markets and relaxing by the sea in Brighton. England has definitely been the highlight of my summer, I just adore this place.

My holiday in Turkey in July has been lovely especially and very relaxing because I haven't had a proper beach holiday since like 2009, so it was great to get up and just enjoy the day without having to think of any duties. I tried to catch a tan, but I think my skin has lost the ability to get darker haha.

After having about 2 weeks off after Turkey, I started working in the beginning of August. Those 4 weeks of my internship have gone incredibly quickly and I genuinely enjoyed my time there (and I am not just saying this because some of you might be reading this, I honestly mean it! :) ) 

Now I have 17 days left until I start my University journey in Southampton and I don't think I could be any more excited. Two days after I arrive in Southampton I will be heading up to London to see Colleen Ballinger and I still can't really comprehend that this is actually happening haha. I will link you all my summer posts/videos below if you want to check any of them out! 

What was your summer highlight? :) x



  1. I love the idea of this post. Where did you work? :)

  2. very nice ♥
    I invite you to observe me :)

  3. great post :)) you had a really good summer ! :D

  4. It's great you had a nice summer. An active summer is always good. It would be very interesting seeing you with a tan on lol. I think i have been getting tanner, i guess the price for enjoying the sunshine which i will gladly pay any day.
    University sounds like a great adventure! i wish you the best.
    My highlight would be this:

  5. Keep us informed about your University journey (please). We also want lots of posts and great grades :)

  6. Lovely post!! Looks like you've had an amazing summer! Good luck with university, it's all so exciting!!
    Realised I subscribed to you on YouTube but wasn't following your blog, no idea why! Fixed it now anyway!
    Natasha x

  7. Hello lovely! Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!

    Great post, thanks for sharing - gorgeous pictures!

    Please check out my new outfit post if you can;



  8. what great photos! looked like a fabulous summer!