23 August 2014

checked shirt + ombré

This year there has been a massive misconception between the weather and the population regarding the this years 'summer'. Ever since I have been back from Turkey which is about 4 weeks ago, there was not one day that we could have called summery. Instead of complaining, I was very happy to wear my autumn clothes already and shop for some new pieces. I didn't go on a massive shopping trip because I will save that for London, but I can never resist when Zara get their new collection (I am obsessed with this shop) so when I went in there yesterday I naturally could not leave without a bag.

Chequered shirts have never really been my thing before, but this one caught my eye and I just had to get it (I even put it on right after I bought it, that's how obsessed I am) and I am in love! The fabric is not flannel, it is more flowy and thin so it's definitely great for days that aren't too hot but also not freezing. 

Another recent purchase are my rain boots that look like Chelsea boots and they are quite possible the first pair of shoes that did not give me blisters, yay! They were super comfortable to walk in for about 10 hours, they come in very handy in this weather and they were quite cheap which is always a good thing haha!

PS: Someone asked me a question in my comments, but you commented anonymously and I feel very bad for not being able to get back to you, so please write me on twitter or an email, so I can get back to you! :) 


  1. Love this shirt, i bought one so similar yesterday for £5 in the sale! It definitely is more like autumn in the UK right now, i think i need to get my autumn clothes out now too x


  2. I love this whole outfit, very nicely put together accessories and all. Great post xx


  3. Those Chelsea style boots are so nice, I love how shiny they are. I think I need to start shopping in Zara more, a lot of people seem to rave about it xxx

  4. Love this outfit and photos ♥


  5. So so beautiful love these autumnal photos xx