10 August 2014

uni shopping | stationery

The thing I have always been most excited about going back to school or this year starting uni, is stationery shopping. I simply cannot resist a set of fresh pens or pencil cases with cute designs, so whilst my collection of school supplies increases rapidly, my bank balance decreases in the blink of an eye. 

A few days ago I popped into a shop, because the 'Stationery sale' sign was too big too simply ignore and I left with a collection of neon markers, too many washi tapes (I literally went crazy with them omg) and other bits and bobs that I probably wouldn't even need. Besides the stationery I also picked up a few kitchen supplies as I'll be moving to Uni in 38 days, but I thought that that'd be a bit too boring to be honest, I did post a video on my YouTube channel though where I've included them. 

Do you enjoy buying stationery as much as I do? :) xx


  1. I never really need that much stationary any more, and it's definitely something that I miss. I use to love going into the shops and picking all your pens and stationary for the year! xx

  2. so cute things!:)

  3. i really need in my life(:D) that tapes! they´re so gorgeous! all this stufs are so..cute!
    and also i love your video :)


  4. Ich hätte da ein paar fragen an dich bezüglich ucas application wie hast du diese felder ausgefüllt also ich werde im Juni 2015 maturieren
    English written + oral /mathe/deutsch/bio/Chemie also sind diese Fächer meine Moduls und was sol ich in die grades reinschreiben (also was ich denke was ich da bekommen werde oder soll ich nur Fächer und datum Einträgen und note leer lassen) wie hast du das gemacht
    danke im voraus (btw I luv your blog :-))

  5. ah, I just love these things :)) <3