30 September 2014

charity shop finds

After my little stroll through Southampton the other day I ended up on a little street with a couple of charity shops and couldn't help but pop in. What I love most about charity shops is that you have no idea what items you will find inside and I think the calm atmosphere is just so lovely. My favourite part of those shops is always the book section, not only are the books very cheap, you also don't feel like you are wasting a lot of money on something that you might end up not liking. Also, why buy the book in a high street shop when the money is for a good cause? I ended up getting four books; a novel called 'All that I am', two fashion books that come in handy for my course and a book called 'my little Paris'. Each of those books only cost me 1.50, so all in all that is less than one book in a high street shop. I also ended up getting the movie Notting Hill for 1.50, I absolutely love it! The area it is set in is gorgeous (I wish I lived there) and the story is very cute, too. Last but not least I also spotted a bronze bowl for 2.00 that I use to store my cotton pads in, looks much cuter than leaving them in the plastic bag. 

If my calculations haven't gone completely wrong (which they might have haha) I ended up spending less than 10 Pounds and got quite a few bits. I can't wait to start reading my books and watch Notting Hill with a cuppa :)

What was your best charity shop find? :) xx

28 September 2014

exploring southampton

After doing my first wash at Uni yesterday morning I went to explore Southampton, because the only place I actually know well here is ASDA haha. On Twitter the lovely Alice told me to go to Ocean Village and the Old Town and that's exactly what I did, so thank you! :) Ocean village is a beautiful part of Southampton with gorgeous little houses and a view on boats (or yachts...?). I'd love to live there, but as a student that is obviously not affordable. On my walk in between the gorgeous buildings I met a beautiful white cat that I would have loved to take home, it was so pretty and reminded me of a snowball haha :) 

My next stop was Itchen Bridge where I got a great view over Ocean Village and the rest of Southampton as well as something that looked like a factory, but I'm not too sure what it was. As I have only been here for one week I pretty much have no idea where what is and how to get to places, so I just headed back and somehow ended up on Oxford Street which led to the Old Town that finally got me to the High Street which I was already familiar with. I quickly popped into Lidl where I found plain tomato sauce (yes I got very excited about that) and also got myself some Almond Milk. 

I would list you all the places that I have been to, but I genuinely do not know where I was apart from Ocean village, because I literally just walked without knowing where I went :) I am also planning on doing a little update post about University, but I want to wait until my course has fully started and I actually have something to talk about. 

Have a good day! :) xx

24 September 2014

a few beauty bits

I must admit I have been really lazy regarding my make up routine lately, I still love make up but I've been noticing it become more like a chore for me than a pleasure, so I have also kind of stopped purchasing make up, I just don't really get excited over it anymore like I once used to. So when I was in London last weekend I didn't even fancy going into Space NK or Liberty, which was probably great for my purse. When I went into Boots though, I spotted a gorgeous Rimmel lipstick and picked it up because I think it's a gorgeous A/W colour (although I hate the packaging, it looks so cheap!) The shade is called 128 starry eyed and is a darker berry colour. Back in Austria I still had a voucher from a high end make up store so I used that to buy Clarins lipstick in the colour 05 pink berry, which is also a berry colour (as the name suggests), just a tad lighter and more appropriate for everyday wear. 

For my birthday back in August I received the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume and I absolutely love it. Marc Jacobs flacons always look adorable, but this one is by far my favourite, because it's not too colourful and crazy, it's just very cute and pretty. 

After I had a not so great day yesterday, I quickly popped into Lush and picked up a shampoo bar that is supposed to stimulate the roots and hair growth plus it's supposed to make my hair shinier. After 1 wash I obviously cannot tell you wether it actually makes my hair grow faster, but I definitely noticed, that my hair is shinier than it usually is & I really appreciate that :)

My hair colours has become a lot lighter recently (my colour has washed out) and I found it looking a little bit brassy and it just wasn't a colour I was happy with so I got myself a silver shampoo from Bleach London. The purple liquid looks really scary at first, but I think it actually helps! It doesn't eliminate the brassy tones entirely, but it definitely tones them down, which I am very happy with!

21 September 2014

Meeting Colleen Ballinger

So If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I am obsessed with Colleen Ballinger, already. Back in February I bought a ticket to see her London show on the 19/09 and I have been anticipating this day ever since. Last Friday I finally headed up to London to see Colleen's show. She started as herself and sang 'Happiness is very happy' followed by 'Defying Gravity' where she transforms into Miranda. I find it astonishing how fast she is able to take up a character! To be honest, I was kind of sad when she transformed into Miranda because I would happily watch Colleen do a show as herself, she is incredibly talented! Miranda describes her shows as a 'self help tour' where she teaches you what to do on the first date & how to stand up against bullies; in a non-serious and funny way of course. 

After the show I queued for the Meet&Greet and (as fangirl-ish as that may sound) I still can't quite comprehend that I got to meet and hug the person that I watch daily on the internet, it was so surreal. The security guys were kind of strict, they wouldn't let us take more than one picture and wanted everything to be over really quickly. When I told Colleen that I really wanted a picture with her as herself though, we got to take another one :) 

I once read a quote that said 'never meet your hero' which implies that meeting your idol will disappoint you, but that definitely was not the case. Colleen is pretty much the sweetest person in the universe and I would give everything to meet her again. 

14 September 2014

A/W clothes Haul/Lookbook

So over the past few months I did some clothes shopping and wanted to share my purchases with you. I find filming clothing Hauls really boring though, so I that wasn't really an option and I just put the thought of showing you my clothes aside, until I saw a video by the german youtuber daaruum which I found really cool so I took inspiration from that and did my own.

Filming and editing this video was so much fun & it was great to edit something where I didn't have to hear my voice all the time haha. I hope you enjoy watching it, feel free to leave me feedback :) xx

*The Jockey loungewear bottoms were kindly given to me as a PR sample :)

8 September 2014

my favourite striped top

In the past few weeks I have never left a Zara store without purchasing anything, I have completely fallen in love with that store & I would not struggle to spend a four digit number there. I bought this striped top a few weeks ago when I went to Graz and I am obsessed with it. I love how versatile basic tops like this are and how differently you can style them. On Saturday, when Ivana came to visit me, I wore it with a few necklaces that I got from Topshop & Primark und a pair of Jeans from H&M as well as with my rain boots from Zalando

Speaking of Zara, I naturally didn't leave this shop on Saturday without having bought anything, I actually managed to find a bag with an extra zip bag for my MacBook inside, I have been after a bag like this for ages and finally found one that wasn't as expensive as a Michael Kors!

This Saturday was actually the last time that I have seen Ivana before Christmas as I will be going to England in only 9 days & it's also kind of sad that we will never live as close as we do now anymore :(

I hope you are all having a lovely day <3