30 September 2014

charity shop finds

After my little stroll through Southampton the other day I ended up on a little street with a couple of charity shops and couldn't help but pop in. What I love most about charity shops is that you have no idea what items you will find inside and I think the calm atmosphere is just so lovely. My favourite part of those shops is always the book section, not only are the books very cheap, you also don't feel like you are wasting a lot of money on something that you might end up not liking. Also, why buy the book in a high street shop when the money is for a good cause? I ended up getting four books; a novel called 'All that I am', two fashion books that come in handy for my course and a book called 'my little Paris'. Each of those books only cost me 1.50, so all in all that is less than one book in a high street shop. I also ended up getting the movie Notting Hill for 1.50, I absolutely love it! The area it is set in is gorgeous (I wish I lived there) and the story is very cute, too. Last but not least I also spotted a bronze bowl for 2.00 that I use to store my cotton pads in, looks much cuter than leaving them in the plastic bag. 

If my calculations haven't gone completely wrong (which they might have haha) I ended up spending less than 10 Pounds and got quite a few bits. I can't wait to start reading my books and watch Notting Hill with a cuppa :)

What was your best charity shop find? :) xx


  1. I always go to charity shops for books, I've quite a few in the charity shops in Shirley.
    Saved me about £5 per book, which is essential when a student! xx

  2. I LOVE charity shops. You can find some real gems in there. Its just sifting through everything... Which I am not a fan of. Great post sweetie!

  3. I love that you've bought so many books for so little money. I too like that movie and that bowl is so cute and handy. Great post.