28 September 2014

exploring southampton

After doing my first wash at Uni yesterday morning I went to explore Southampton, because the only place I actually know well here is ASDA haha. On Twitter the lovely Alice told me to go to Ocean Village and the Old Town and that's exactly what I did, so thank you! :) Ocean village is a beautiful part of Southampton with gorgeous little houses and a view on boats (or yachts...?). I'd love to live there, but as a student that is obviously not affordable. On my walk in between the gorgeous buildings I met a beautiful white cat that I would have loved to take home, it was so pretty and reminded me of a snowball haha :) 

My next stop was Itchen Bridge where I got a great view over Ocean Village and the rest of Southampton as well as something that looked like a factory, but I'm not too sure what it was. As I have only been here for one week I pretty much have no idea where what is and how to get to places, so I just headed back and somehow ended up on Oxford Street which led to the Old Town that finally got me to the High Street which I was already familiar with. I quickly popped into Lidl where I found plain tomato sauce (yes I got very excited about that) and also got myself some Almond Milk. 

I would list you all the places that I have been to, but I genuinely do not know where I was apart from Ocean village, because I literally just walked without knowing where I went :) I am also planning on doing a little update post about University, but I want to wait until my course has fully started and I actually have something to talk about. 

Have a good day! :) xx


  1. Amazing views!
    I hope you'll have a great time at uni

  2. Can't beat the natural way of doing things, exploring, finding joy in such little things. A marina, a place i could work at. great images. i'm always amazed of how we perceive the color on a cat. I inevitably would see it a bit different, a full black cat from a full white, like the one you saw. Just came to mind, how would you have reacted if it was black?

  3. These pictures are so amazing! Makes me want to be in London right now! :)