21 September 2014

Meeting Colleen Ballinger

So If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I am obsessed with Colleen Ballinger, already. Back in February I bought a ticket to see her London show on the 19/09 and I have been anticipating this day ever since. Last Friday I finally headed up to London to see Colleen's show. She started as herself and sang 'Happiness is very happy' followed by 'Defying Gravity' where she transforms into Miranda. I find it astonishing how fast she is able to take up a character! To be honest, I was kind of sad when she transformed into Miranda because I would happily watch Colleen do a show as herself, she is incredibly talented! Miranda describes her shows as a 'self help tour' where she teaches you what to do on the first date & how to stand up against bullies; in a non-serious and funny way of course. 

After the show I queued for the Meet&Greet and (as fangirl-ish as that may sound) I still can't quite comprehend that I got to meet and hug the person that I watch daily on the internet, it was so surreal. The security guys were kind of strict, they wouldn't let us take more than one picture and wanted everything to be over really quickly. When I told Colleen that I really wanted a picture with her as herself though, we got to take another one :) 

I once read a quote that said 'never meet your hero' which implies that meeting your idol will disappoint you, but that definitely was not the case. Colleen is pretty much the sweetest person in the universe and I would give everything to meet her again. 


  1. I am really happy you met her! :)

  2. Ah you're so lucky, she seems like she would be so nice, I literally admire her so much heeh. Aw, i'm glad you got to meet her :)

  3. That look so incredible, you're so lucky. It looks like her show would be good to see! xx