3 October 2014

LUSH Christmas Event Portsmouth

Yesterday after Uni I rushed to the train station (High heels were definitely the wrong choice) to catch my train with Faye and Catherine to go to the Lush Christmas Event in Portsmouth where I finally got to meet the lovely Alice and Ami. At first we had a little look around the shop until the Christmas collection 2014 finally got revealed. After taking a few pictures all the bloggers went into a separate room where we got a more detailed presentation of the new bath bombs, shower gels, etc. Winter collections are usually my favourite; you get very sweet scents such as snow fairy, fresh scents like So White but also (my favourite), spicy scents like Hot Toddy. Some of my favourite bath bombs were the christmas hedgehog (it's so adorable!), the melting snowman which I had last christmas and looove and cinders

In the end of the event we all got to make our own Comforter which was so much fun! Although mine doesn't look quite as professional as the ones you can buy, I enjoyed making my own bath product SO much! We also got to create our own goody bag; I chose the Hot Toddy Shower gel, the snowman shower jelly, the snow fairy bar and the shoot for the stars bath bomb. 

Thank you so much to Lush for making such a lovely event, I had such a fun evening! Definitely go and check out their new collection in your local Lush store, you surely won't be disappointed! 

What is your favourite Lush product? :) xx


  1. This looks so fun! I love Lush, everything smells amazing!

    Emma at www.collagemepretty.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Your photos are soooo gorgeous! Looks like such a lovely event, I am so jealous! I can't wait for all the Christmas Lush goodies!

  3. Such lovely pictures tehe. The snow fairy and magic wand look great, well in fact everything. I may have to treat myself soon haha! :)


  4. I wish I was there with you, I really love lush products and defenitely can't wait to check the Christmas products :)
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    little taste of heaven

  5. What a beautiful post! I've only ever used Lush a few times, but i've loved the product every time!

  6. aah i adore lush christmas stuff!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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  7. This looks like such a cool event and your photos are stunning! I'd love to go to something like this - how did you find out about it? xx

    Was lovely meeting you on Saturday btw.


  8. I had such fun at this event and it was so so nice to finally meet you xx

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  10. Amazing photos and blog! :)

    Omg, I love Lush too! :) (who doesn't!)

    Maybe following? :)

    Greetings from Slovenia