9 January 2015

A day in the mountains

While I was in Austria there was literally nothing I kept asking for than going snowboarding for a day, but with the initial 16°C that welcomed me, this obviously was not going to be possible. So naturally, when it cooled down to -5°C a few days later I was over the moon about the fact that I can go into the mountains (or hills rather) for a day. I haven't been Snowboarding in years and I missed the painful feeling of going up a lift, the gorgeous view when you made it to the top of the mountain and the ridiculous amounts of snow in your jacket after taking a shortcut through the deep snow so bad! And although the place we went was not half as exciting as a proper skiing place with countless pistes and secret ways, I really enjoyed being there for a day :)

I know I often say that I really dislike Austria, but I must admit that I absolutely love the mountains and snow and I'm very happy that I grew up in a country where I had the possibility to see them every year and I hope that one day, after Uni I'll be able to go back to a proper skiing area for a week like I always used to :) Oh by the way, please excuse my ridiculous jacket, I bought that in like 2008 haha!

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