8 January 2015

In 2015 I would like to ...

Hi everyone!

Initially I was not going to do a '2015 goals' or 'what I want to achieve in 2015' post, because they sort of drown in the crowd, but after reading a couple of them myself & finding other peoples goals and plans very interesting and inspiring I sat down and took note of the things I would like to achieve. I have never really stuck to any New Years resolutions before, but maybe by telling you guys about them I will feel a bit more motivated to stick to them as I obviously want to report success and not failure in the end of the year :)

... get fitter
Yes, I am well aware that this one is part of almost everyones New Years resolutions list and it has been part of mine since 2011. From the age of 10 to 14 I attended a sports school and took horse riding lessons which meant that I did an average of 10 hours of sports every week and was a relatively fit person, but after changing school at 14, I slowly stopped doing sports until I didn't exercise anymore at all and this is definitely something I want to change. Just 5 minutes ago I was jumping and dancing around my Uni room, because I miss moving, especially dancing so so much.

... eat more consciously
Again, one that you probably have read about before. Since being at Uni I obviously have to cook for myself and although I pretty much never have any ready meals, I want to start eating more consciously which means no meals that purely consist of carbs at night (ironic because I just had Dominos) and grill food instead of frying it (I just got myself a grill pan, so that's already helpful!) I know that it won't always be possible to eat healthy at Uni as I don't have the time to cook great meals, but I want to stick to this resolution as much as I can.

... get an internship in PR
As I study Fashion with Public Relations, it is probably quite helpful to get some practical experience along the way, which is why I really want to find an internship for the summer. I am not sure whether I am going to find one in Southampton as I suppose that most agencies are based in London, but even if I have to go back to Vienna to work for a while, I happily would if it was to gain experience.

... be happier
I know this is easier said than done and sounds like an odd resolution, but I often catch myself thinking way to negative about everything and I want to change this attitude in 2015. I think I can consider myself quite lucky to be able to study in the country I have always wanted to live in, so I suppose life is not that bad after all :)

... improve my content
This goes for my blog especially, but also for my YouTube channel. Not in a million years I will consider myself a blogger or YouTuber, but I want to give my best to bring out the best content I possibly can, and although I know that because of Uni I probably will not be able to upload 3 times a week, the things that I will upload should be worth reading/watching. I absolutely love blogging and filming so I really want to do it on a more regular basis than I did in the first semester.

... learn to draw
I am aware that as I lack the necessary talent to be an artist, but all I want is be able to draw cute little things (Dachshunds to be specific). This resolution came to my mind when I thought about a new header for my blog but couldn't realise it because I didn't have the (very basic) artistic skills to do it. I have recently ordered a little book that teaches you how to draw cute looking little doodles which pretty much is all I want to achieve anyway.

I am going to write a physical version of this post (because printing is to mainstream) to keep these resolutions in my mind all the time. If you have any plans or wishes for 2015 you would like to share, please do so in the comments below! :) xx


  1. All of these are definitely achievable! though you missed meeting me out of your list ;) x

  2. Great goals, thanks for sharing! <3

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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