12 February 2015

My little Frenchie Box

'My little Box' - time is probably my favourite time of the month, as I've probably mentioned before, it makes me feel like it's Christmas all over again! Before receiving this months box, I had already seen the content in Alix's vlog, but by the time it actually arrived, I had forgotten half of it so it wasn't that much of a big deal. I am not sure how the title 'my little frenchie box' actually relates to the content, but I am glad that it wasn't a Valentines day themed box as that's what I originally expected. 

The first thing that I spotted was the magazine that always comes with the box, it's filled with product informations, tips for your stay in Paris and an Interview with Lois Lillian, a YouTuber with an amazing style! I find it great, that the My little Paris team puts a spotlight on smaller YouTubers, too.

This months box includes a lightweight primer that is supposed to brighten your complexion and it comes in the most gorgeous packaging ever! I don't usually use a primer because I dread the moment where I am going to run out of my Benefit one, so I tend to just reach for it on nights out or special occasions, but now that I have two options I might reach for my new one more often.

The little pot of messages is filled with 28 encouraging quotes, it takes everything in me not to open them all at once, but I will give my best to only open them when I feel like I actually need a pick me up. The little notes come on blue, white and red paper so I guess that's where the 'Frenchie' theme comes in. 

The item that I think I'll get the least use out of is the phone case, I tend to always have my phone in my pocket of my jacket, but it might be a cute pocket for receipts or little cards that I pick up on the go; I'm sure I am going to find a purpose for it. 

Before ordering the box you can fill out an optional questionnaire about your skin type, complexion etc. which was definitely useful for the L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper that came in light. My eyebrows are very sparse and light, so whenever a product comes in a dark shade (which unpersonalised boxes usually do) I probably won't be able to use it. I used to own the Benefit Gimme Brow eyebrow filler, but since I ran out of it I didn't feel like spending such a huge amount of money on a tiny product again, so I'm very happy about the L'oreal gel and can't wait to use it!

Another product that I might not get a lot of use out of is the Crayon Kohl Terrybly by Terry. I have heard about Terry before but I honestly have never researched any of their products in particular, so I am excited to try it, but I find pencil eyeliners kind of hard to apply and they usually smudge on my eyelids very easily. Also, I do not like the packaging at all I think the silver cover and the engravings on the actual pencil make it look kind of tacky. (It was a nightmare to photograph as well haha!)

The last product in this months box was a set of DHC oil blotting paper. It is made out of natural fibres and claims to be more effective than synthetic blotting paper. I have never tried any products similar to this one before, so I won't have anything to compare it to, but I'm very excited to see whether it actually works as it would be great to take with you when you don't have the chance to redo your make up.

The worth of this months box is about 65€, so you definitely get a great choice of products for the amount that you actually pay. Once again, although there are 2 products that I will probably not get much use out of, I am absolutely happy with the content of the box and can't wait to try everything!

Let me know what you think of the products, or if you have tried any of them! :) xx


  1. I've never heard of these beauty boxes before but they are so cute - fab products included too!

    Beth / Bethany Georgina

  2. I've never heard of this before it sounds so so good! and all the products look soo good tehe! :)