18 March 2015

Depop Haul

The other week I was convinced that as the sun tends to come out regularly now, I need a new pair of light jeans, to be fair I only have one anyway. But as a student that tries to budget I didn‘t want to splurge on a pair of Topshop Joni or Jamie Jeans, especially as the Euro is so low at the moment and it would just cost me even more than usual. So one night I thought I‘d re-download depop and have a little look and soon found a lovely denim jacket and a pair of lilac Jamie Jeans from Topshop, each for about £10. As I don‘t have a denim jacket and as mentioned above only one pair of light jeans, I decided to contact the sellers and buy the items. A couple of days ago I found these in the post office and couldn‘t wait to try them on. Both items sort of fit alright, the main reason why I hardly ever shop online is the risk of the items not fitting.

The Jeans fit really well, however they are way to long so I definitely need to get them shortened. The denim jacket is cropped which according to the seller it wasn‘t, but it doesn‘t really bother me, I still really like it and for £10 I am very happy with it :) I‘ll definitely look on depop more often now, as I am really happy with both items I found!

Have you ever purchased something from Depop or a similar app? If you have a Depop account, leave me your name in the comments so I can check your account out! (Mine‘s just @connywais)

Conny x

15 March 2015

My little Superbox

I always feel like squeaking of joy when I see the 'You have a parcel' e-mail around the 12th that month, because it means that the new 'my little box' is waiting for me in the office. I just about managed not to only think about the box during my 2 hour seminar until I could pick it up afterwards and was more than chuffed when I finally got to pick it up. 

After I took it out of the outer cardboard, I saw that this months box was called 'my little superbox' and it's all about superwomen. In the box itself I found a lip crayon in a orange toned red which is definitely my favourite and I think also most flattering for my skin tone in spring. The next item is by Kérastase; the cristaliste conditioner. If you have read my sunday night routine post, you might now that I absolutely love Kérastase but just wouldn't buy it myself. I cannot wait to try it when I run out of my current conditioner because I can predict that I will be obsessed with it. A product I was not as excited about is a hand cream by Caudalie, I have never had a Caudalie product before but I just never use hand creams, I just really dislike the feeling they leave on my hands. And at last the 'my little box' team included a t-shirt that has 'i believe i can fly' written on it. I'm very happy that it's grey as I just love this colour and it's one of the only colours that don't clash wish my hair. 

Again, I am really really happy with the box, the worth of the products definitely exceeds the amount I paid and I can't wait to try the products!

What did you think about this months box? 

Conny x

1 March 2015

cosy sunday night

lush shampoo bar cinnamon
the body shop body butter, lush hot toddy
No clogs allowed soap&glory
Benefit it's potent
Fleur De Force Glam Guide

Since coming to Uni and having my bathroom only one footstep away from my bed and having most of my skincare items pretty much in eyesight, I have started making myself a little Sunday night routine. During the week I can honestly never be bothered to put on a face mask or use more than one moisturiser, I do sometimes exfoliate but that's as fancy as it'll get. So when it comes to Sunday I want to pamper my skin and get ready for a week at Uni. 

The first product I use is my solid cinnamon shampoo bar from Lush. I don't use this very often simply because I don't want to use it up quickly, but when I use it I absolutely love it. I really like the subtle spicy scent and the way it just lathers up really quickly and with little product. When I get out the shower I always use a few pumps of my Kérastase hair oil which is my favourite hair oil that I've ever had. I received this mini version in a monthly subscription box and have fallen in love with it. It leaves my hair really soft and shiny and I'm honestly dreading the moment I run out of it!

To go with the spiciness of my shampoo bar, I use the Hot Toddy* shower gel which I got when I went to the Lush event in Portsmouth back in Autumn. Although we're coming closer to spring now, I love the cosy, wintery scent on the Sunday night when I just want to be cuddled up under my blanket. What I also love about this shower gel is that the scent actual stays on my skin and doesn't fade after I get out of the shower. To moisturise my body I use the Vanilla scented body butter from The Body Shop* which I got in the Glossybox a while ago. 

I currently use a coconut exfoliator from My little Box which Estelle kindly gave me as she didn't like it & knew that I loved coconut. When I rinsed that off, I follow up with my self heating facial mask from Soap & Glory No clogs allowed, the minty scent feels really refreshing and leaves my skin completely cleansed. 

As my face usually feels kind of tight after using this mask, I follow up with a moisturiser by L'Occitane which I also got from Estelle. I love the thickness of it, it makes my skin so so soft! And finally, I pop some of the Benefit* It's potent eye cream under my eyes to get rid of those dark circles. 

To finish off my Sunday night I usually make myself a cup of tea (I have really been liking the Apple crunch one from Twining's recently!), turn my fairy lights on and sit in bed with a book, currently Fleur de Force's Glam Guide which I have really been enjoying.

If you have any products that you like pampering yourself with, let me know in the comments below as I always love discovering new items! :) 

Conny x