18 March 2015

Depop Haul

The other week I was convinced that as the sun tends to come out regularly now, I need a new pair of light jeans, to be fair I only have one anyway. But as a student that tries to budget I didn‘t want to splurge on a pair of Topshop Joni or Jamie Jeans, especially as the Euro is so low at the moment and it would just cost me even more than usual. So one night I thought I‘d re-download depop and have a little look and soon found a lovely denim jacket and a pair of lilac Jamie Jeans from Topshop, each for about £10. As I don‘t have a denim jacket and as mentioned above only one pair of light jeans, I decided to contact the sellers and buy the items. A couple of days ago I found these in the post office and couldn‘t wait to try them on. Both items sort of fit alright, the main reason why I hardly ever shop online is the risk of the items not fitting.

The Jeans fit really well, however they are way to long so I definitely need to get them shortened. The denim jacket is cropped which according to the seller it wasn‘t, but it doesn‘t really bother me, I still really like it and for £10 I am very happy with it :) I‘ll definitely look on depop more often now, as I am really happy with both items I found!

Have you ever purchased something from Depop or a similar app? If you have a Depop account, leave me your name in the comments so I can check your account out! (Mine‘s just @connywais)

Conny x


  1. oooh i am SO IN LOVE with the denim jacket <3 <3 <3 looks really really great.

    wish you a nice day, xx julia

  2. amazing haul, what a bargain! love the light jeans..definitely perfect for this spring :D


  3. It’s such a great post! Thank you for sharing this!
    By the way, I’m in love with your blog!

    Diana Cloudlet