19 April 2015

My little dream box

This month's My little box if probably one of my, if not my favourite box so far. I'm always surprised how they manage to choose and create such cute looking products! If you bought all the products of this months box separately, you would pay £61 so about £45 more than you would pay for the box, so you definitely get your money's worth. 

The products this month are:
1. Stamped with Love: a stamp with french & english phrases that would look cute on gift tags etc.
2. A 100 ml hair mask with walnut oil and shea butter that will hopefully stop my hair from feeling like a bunch of needles
3. Cowshed Wild Cow Body lotion with the refreshing scents of ginger (the most dominant in my opinion), lemon grass & shea butter
4. Red lip & cheek tint which I will probably only use on my lips as I never put on any blusher
5. Bonne Etoile necklace by Delphine Pariente which came in a cute little cloud

The only thing I didn't like this month was the magazine which was basically a huge piece of paper that you had to unfold; I much prefer the classic magazine they used to do, I hope this was just an exception! 

My favourite product this month was the stamp because it's such a cute idea and I have never had anything like that before, can't wait to put cute phrases all over my diary, cards, etc. now! 

Which product would you want to try the most? :)

Conny xx

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  1. this looks like one of the cuter boxes i've seen and i really love your photography!

    danielle | avec danielle