4 April 2015

urban house

Urban House, bratislavaUrban House, bratislavaUrban House, bratislava
After many months I finally managed to come back to Bratislava to meet up with Ivana. As the weather was terrible and it was freezing outside, we instantly decided to go to a coffee shop called Urban House in the old town to catch up. I instantly feel in love with the whole layout - a book shelf with books that are sorted by colour, cute little cacti on the tables and an overall industrial feel make it the perfect place to have a coffee, or in our case a chai latte with maple syrup. 

We then went to Aupark and had a brief look around the shops but didn't really buy much at all, we just picked up some cheesecake to have at home with a cup of tea. After looking through old pictures and reminiscing about our year in England, we then headed to the train station and experienced the craziest storm - a mix between hail, storm, thunder and lightning; typically April. 

I can't wait to come back to Bratislava in Summer when the temperatures are bearable and we can actually enjoy being outside again!

Conny xx

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