5 April 2015

Zara leather jacket

Zara leather jacketZara leather jacketZara leather jacket
Before I went back home to Austria I decided that I needed a new jacket for spring because my hopes for warmer temperatures were a little bit too high and as soon as the calendar said 'Spring' I ditched my winter jacket for now and got a faux leather biker jacket from the TRF section in Zara. I have had a look around the stores beforehand just to make sure that I wouldn't find a prettier/more affordable one after I bought the Zara jacket. 

Until fairly recently I wasn't a huge fan of the leather jacket trend and I didn't actually have one either, but after trying one on I completely changed my mind and I now absolutely love the trend and am so happy that I bought a leather jacket for myself. 

In this outfit I wore it with a flowy skater skirt from Primark, a crop top from Topshop and my Zara Chelsea boots, but leather jackets pretty much go with most things and are so easy to style. 

Do you like leather jackets? What do you usually wear with them? 

Happy Easter Sunday
Conny xx


  1. You make a leather jacket look so girly and chic! Love your style!

  2. Looks amazing! great outfit