24 May 2015

Another day in London

As I haven't ticked off all the points from my 'To do in London' list the other day, I decided to go up to the capital again this week. One of the main things I wanted to do was go to Borough Market as I have never been there but have heard so many amazing things about it. I absolutely loved strolling through the food hall, wishing I lived in London so I could actually buy fresh food (the fruit and vegetable section looked SO good!) After having something Italian for lunch, I then went to the Monument. It was a lovely, warm day by the way so I soon regretted the leather jacket & jeans! After getting lost somewhere among hundreds of business men on their lunch break, I decided to take the tube and give up on trying to walk to my next stop. After a short wait, I walked up 311 steps to have a view over London (mainly Tower Bridge & the Shard). I'm not gonna lie, the walk to the terrace was harder than I expected; as the stairs go round in a circle, I soon started to feel a little dizzy and was kind of terrified to fall down, but I made it to the top without any tragic incidents :) 

After walking back down, I decided to go to Leadenhall Market which is absolutely beautiful. Again, lots of business men & women on their lunch break so I felt kind of out of place, but it was definitely worth it! As per usual, I then ended up in the Covent Garden area where I had a little stroll, went to Wasabi (which I'm now obsessed with!) and caught my train home. 

Now I definitely feel like I need a break from all the walking around London and rushing from tube to tube, but I can't wait to go back to London again soon, although it is always very stressful, I just absolutely love it there.

Conny xx


  1. Oh, I need to go back to London soon. I miss it! And it is actually not that far from Belgium, just need to save up some money first!

  2. Wow everything looks so good! (comparing to our awesome food in southampton -.- ahah

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  3. these photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love a good farmer's market!

  4. Amazing photos, love them :) x

  5. These photos look amazing, especially the ones from the market. I'd love to visit Londonl America isn't so exciting to me. I'm your newest follower on bloglovin, stop by my blog sometime xx