25 May 2015

BeautyCon London

Ever since I've known that BeautyCon was going to come to London this year, I really wanted to go but 1. didn't know anyone who wanted to come along, 2. didn't really want to spend money on tickets as I just wasn't sure whether there would be too many people to actually meet the person you like, etc. etc. But a day before BeautyCon, I found someone who had a spare ticket which they kindly gave to me, I was literally so happy! So after 4 hours of sleep I hopped on the train to Kensington Olympia. Having been there before for a Fashion Trade Show, I thought BeautyCon was going to be in the same huge hall, but it actually was in a way smaller one. I had also expected a massive queue outside (I had the VidCon vlogs in the back of my mind where everything just looked crazy) but it all went really quickly and it didn't take longer than 1 minute to get into the hall. 

There were a few exhibitors such as Benefit, NYX or Liz Earle, which either gave away freebies or their products for a discounted price. I also spotted Tarte which had amazing offers, but were sadly sold out of lots of them, I wish the had been more prepared for that :( Besides the make up brands, there were also lots of Photo Booths and free popcorn. 

The person I was most excited about meeting was definitely Fleur. I just love watching her videos, she seems like she knows what she's talking about and comes across as such a lovely, down to earth person and definitely did not disappoint! She is even lovelier in real life, was happy to take multiple pictures and even have a short conversation. I also met Tess Christine, Suzie and Alix who were just as lovely! It felt so nice to meet such inspirational and down to earth YouTubers in real life! I wish Louise had been able to come to do her Q&A because I was really excited for that, but obviously her health is priority :)

I had such a good day at BeautyCon and would love to go again next year! It would be great if they got more exhibitors to distribute the queues because they were just crazy. 

Conny xx


  1. Sad that I couldn't get to Beautycon this year but I'm so pleased that you had a great time and met so many amazing people, looked great! Besides the queues being crazy, the stall brands looked amazing, definitely be visiting next year! Xx
    Fashionable F00d Blog

  2. Lovely photos! <3 This event sounds so much fun!

  3. that is soo amazing! :) I love all these youtubers and you have even pictures with theeem! soo jealous!! :O :D :D

  4. It's so cool that you met fleur! Looks like you had an awesome time! I need to go to a beautycon event soon

  5. This looks and sounds amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. That looks like such a fun event! I'm thinking about going to IMATS here...

  7. You are so lucky !

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  8. I'm so jealous you got to meet all of my favorite youtubers! I wish I could move to England, since it became my favorite country thanks to all of the beauty and youtube girls ;)
    If you'd like you could check out my new blog arabesque - I'd be honored ;)

  9. Oh wow this sounds like such a fun event! And it's always so great to meet with fellow bloggers or Youtubers you admire. It always gives me energy and inspiration :) xx

  10. oh wow I really wanted to go. I have been watching all the vlogs of it. It is my dream. Love your hair it is so pretty. keep up the amazing work and you will be the one they will want selfies with