22 May 2015

#KindIsSimple campaign

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To make this clear in the beginning, this is obviously not a post sponsored or in any other way supported by Simple, I am just a PR student that appreciates a good campaign :)
Yesterday I headed up to London (again) and went to the Covent Garden area mainly because I wanted to find some Vintage clothing stores & Book shops, and while looking for them, I crossed the Covent Garden market hall and got approached by a lady who works for Simple. I had seen their pop up store form afar already and got intrigued because for my Uni project I also planned a campaign that had a pop up store in Covent Garden! Also, they had lots of cute succulents which (being the mainstream blogger/pinterest user) I definitely wanted to have a look at and Instagram it (the picture wasn't good though, hence it didn't end up on Instagram haha) Anyway, the girl informed me about their campaign where customers take a photo of anything in the pop up store and share it across any social media platform with a couple of hashtags & a tagged friend, and as a reward you got some micellar make up wipes and a full size bottle of their micellar water. I don't usually use face wipes as their supposed to be bad for your skin, but let's be honest, after a night out they are a saviour. 

I decided to take a photo of some magnetic boards with adjectives on them that described a friend (I chose my roomie obviously) and posted it on Twitter. I think the campaign is such a lovely idea, because you wouldn't normally tell someone what you like about them out of nowhere, but it's such an easy way to make someone smile! (The whole thing kind of reminds me of the Tweet to pay campaign Marc Jacobs did) 

On the note of making someone smile, everyone in London was so nice yesterday, it must have been the sun! I got given 2 free bottles of waters, sweets (obviously from companies not random strangers), the goodies I mentioned above and it was just such a lovely place to be! 

I'm not sure if I have any PR/Comms students/professionals following me, but if I do I'd love to hear about a campaign that you liked, I always think it's great to get some inspiration from others! What do you think about this campaign? 
Conny xx

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  1. Oh, you had such a nice trip :) Lovely!