12 May 2015

My first year at Uni

That's it. All my assignments are handed in. I am done with my first year of Uni. It still sounds completely ridiculous to me, this time last year I had what felt 170 breakdowns a day because I thought I wouldn't pass my A-Levels and therefore not be able to get into Uni, but I did it and one year later I am so, so glad that I didn't give up on the last day of my exams and miraculously passed.
I can still vividly see the 17/09/14, the day I moved to Southampton, in front of me, how I got up at 4am to fly to Heathrow and then take a coach down to the Coast, loaded with 3 suitcases in which I sort of tried to pack my life.

Just as everyone else's, my Uni journey started with Freshers Week. At that time I had a cold and just generally didn't really feel like partying which kind of affected bonding with the others a little, I guess. It was a week filled with meeting loads of people, getting asked by every single one of them what your name is & what course you are studying. And a week later you wouldn't even say hello to most of these people anymore, anyway.

Quite frankly, I didn't enjoy Freshers as much as everyone else probably did, I'm just not that kind of person that likes going out every single night, so I honestly was quite relieved in a way when Uni started. Last week I had one last meeting where we saw the posters we did during Welcome week; it just won't get into my head that this is already about 8 months ago, it genuinely feels like yesterday that I sat in various classrooms getting told about our first assignments and being scared about not being able to do as well as I would like to. I remember sitting in that one seminar waiting to be put into groups and ending up being in the group I secretly hoped to be in with people that I am fortunate enough to call my friends now.

Living in Halls seemed exciting and fun at first, but after a couple of months when we started viewing houses, I just could not wait to move out. My flat are mostly international people, some of which don't show very much interest in speaking English with anyone which makes it very hard to make friends. And although the most words I exchange with the majority of my flatmates are 'Hi, you alright?' I had the absolute best room neighbour I could have possible asked for. Whether we are just in our rooms doing stupid stuff our going for drinks at night, we just always have fun and I am so happy to have had someone next door that was like this.

After having been a rather bad student at school that did not care about anything, I have completely changed my attitude when I went to Uni. I could finally do something I genuinely love and only have to do coursework which is just so much better than doing exams that I would probably just fail or do very badly in.

All in all, as in everything there were up's and down's, moments in which I just couldn't be bothered to be here or do anything, but I am so so happy to be studying here and am very grateful for everyone I have gotten to know in the past 8 months.

Now I am off for 5 months summer holidays (please someone give me something to do!) and am very exciting to go into the second year of my uni course.

Probably one of the longest posts I have ever written, but I personally really enjoy reading about other people's experiences, so I thought I'd just do the same :) xx


  1. Hey there!!!!I'm glad you wrote this post because I'm really tempted to go to Uni but I always think about all the not so good things that could happen...I don't know...It would be a huge thing for me,because I've spent the most part of my life in Italy where my family lives,so going to Uni would mean leaving my family house,moving to another country and talking to people I've never met before!I'm scared.Freaking scared actually,but I want it.And I want it so bad!
    Thank you for writing this post!

  2. Congrats on finishing your first year! I'm glad to read that you got on well despite some down moments. It takes the scare out a little for me :-)
    5 months holiday is a lot of time, I recommend you dedicat yourself to some kind of project or task otherwise you might just go insane (like I almost did the past month with mostly free time on my hands) :)

    Take care, xxx Anissa Marie B

  3. Congrats! Rest up, second year will be coming sooner than you think!
    I still look back and feel like first year was yesterday when in reality it was 3 years ago for me! Scary stuff. Enjoy your break!


  4. Great post ! Congrats on everything x

  5. I left university a long time ago (ahem..) but this was such a nice post to read. Congratulations on getting through it - my favourite year was second year. So I'm sure you have a lot more fun to come! Sophie xxx

  6. Congrats! I know the feeling on everything, (5 months is way too much) and you are right reading about these experiences is soo good!
    See you in September :)

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