14 May 2015

The most beautiful place in London

After I saw the weather forecast for London, I spontaneously booked myself a train ticket to the capital for the next day. I currently have absolutely nothing to do anyway, so it was nice to get away and do something for a day. After a seemingly incredibly long train journey (gotta buy the cheap tickets eh) I got off at Victoria and headed to Holland Park.

I have never been there before but after researching places that I have never been to I knew that it must be the perfect area for a stroll in the sun, and it definitely was. I got off at Notting Hill and walked down Holland Park Ave (I think that's what it was called) and passed the most incredible mansions ever and got jealous of all the people carrying home their Waitrose errands. It took me a little while to find the actual park, but in such a gorgeous area I didn't really mind walking around for a bit, and when I finally arrived the location definitely didn't disappoint. I had always thought that Holland Park would be a Park like all the others which is why I was never tempted to go there, but it is so much more beautiful than any park I've ever been to!

I passed the gates and walked up a pretty way surrounded by tress with all kinds of beautiful blossoms, further into the park I found a part of the Kyoto Gardens which were absolutely stunning and even met a gorgeous peacock. In Holland Park you genuinely wouldn't think that you were in London anymore as I couldn't see any tall buildings, which in f.e. Hyde Park you do. I spent so much time there that I didn't even have time to do all the things I planned to do, but I really want to go back up to London again within the next 2 weeks before I go home, got nothing else to do anyway!

If you want to see more parts of London I went to please check out my new video

If you have never been to Holland Park, I definitely recommend you go there, I am genuinely so glad that I found it! And if there's a location that you love please tell me in the comments, I am always keen to explore new parts of London! 

Conny xx


  1. Holland Park looks wonderful. I've never been. It seems like the perfect place to get a dose of nature. :]

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  2. Oh wow! I see what you mean. It looks wonderful! I've never been to Holland Park but I definitely to plan a trip very soon :-) xx

  3. You take some beautiful pictures! Sometimes it's nice to just wander around alone and at your own pace.
    I wish London was just a train ride away for me! haha, I have a whole ocean in the way ;)
    Next time I visit I'm going to add Holland Park to the list of places to visit!


  4. What wonderful shots!

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  5. How do you always find these beautiful places? ahah

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  6. woow soo amazing photos!

  7. omg it looks so lovely, ive never been there before, thanks for tip x

  8. Such beautiful pictures! I live in London and I have never Holland Park until now, definitely adding it to my list of places to visit in London! x