19 June 2015

the return of the denim skirt

While lace was a trend I immediately loved, the denim skirts I wasn't too sure about at first; maybe because they remind me of weirdly dressed language teachers at school or outfits I wore when I was 9, it just wasn't something I saw myself wearing again, ever. But then the button down skirts appeared on several blogs and I just fell in love with them. They are such a nice way to bring denim into the summer and so great to style with white, flowy tops. 

I spotted this dark blue button down denim skirt at Stradivarius and just had to have it. It has the perfect A-Line shape which just gives you so much freedom to move as oppose to the ones I used to wear as a child, that were more narrow.

To dress a denim skirt up, I would choose a pair of black pointy pumps and a dark jacket/blazer, to dress it down and make it more casual I would pair it with some sandals and maybe a kimono.

My Outfit
Denim Skirt: Stradivarius
White Top: Stradivarius
Black Pumps: H&M

What do you think about denim skirts coming back into fashion? Did you wear them as a child and will you give them a go again? 

Conny xx


  1. Denim skirts remind me of my childhood, I used to wear them all the time when I was younger!
    I haven't touched one in forever though. Thanks for reminding me that I can put this back in my wardrobe!


  2. I know what you mean, a denim skirt was the one thing I got dressed in at around age 9, and of course I hated it back then. These days i love it, but haven't found one I enjoy wearing yet.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. I love that denim skirts are back in fashion. I saw one just like this in Topshop today and it's 100% on my wishlist!

    - Erin (www.erin-charlotte.blogspot.co.uk) xo

  4. I love them too! I was the same- there were bits of the 70s trend that I really wasn't sure about but I love it now. Love how you're wearing it! x


  5. Denim skirts scare me, but this is stunning!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. This is so gorgeous! I wish I could get away with wearing skirts xD

    Casey - ATopsyTurvyBlog

  7. I've always loved the look of denim skirts, you've styled this one really well here!!
    The Style Icon

  8. Demin skirts are a must for me. I don't wear jeans so a demin skirt in combination with leggings gives me plenty of options. You look great!

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  10. Demin skirts are adorable, I've got a white button down skirt but it's cord and I wear it with absolutely everything! xx


  11. i am totally on board with the return of denim skirts! unfortunately i just haven't found the perfect one for me yet - straight with no flare and not too mini. still on the hunt but i'm loving yours!

    tiffany / tiffanyeatworld.com

  12. I have a denim skirt now too because of the trend!
    So looking forward to wearing it more often in the summer!


  13. Absolutely love this denim skirt! Beautiful pictures!

  14. You look adorable <3 The white top you paired with this denim skirt goes lovely together~
    She Will Be

  15. I was a little hesitant about these coming back too, but I'm starting to really love them! Your outfit looks really nice!


  16. so adorable! that skirt is rad


    Natalie Off Duty

  17. It really suits you! :) Not sure if I could pull it off though aha!


  18. Great outfit!! :) I know exactly what you mean. Denim skirts bring me back to my childhood days and I never thought I'd want to wear them again now, but they definitely have grown on me and I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect ones.

    - Mariah-Ruthel

  19. This skirt is adorable, I have been looking for one like this forever.


  20. very cool outfit , perfect for summer , very girly and cool
    also check out my blog


  21. I don't like denim skirts very much, but your style is amazing :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥ MS
    Sparkle & Sand

  22. I also think that denim skirts are actually pretty nice. I love the ones from American Apparel!

  23. Your style is amazing :)
    I like that denim skirt. I want to buy skirts online from IndiaRush.

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