31 July 2015

Côte d'Azur - a week in paradise

After jealously looking at everyone's Instagram photos of their holidays for weeks, it was finally time for me to take the plane to the French Riviera and enjoy Summer for a week. The main reason I went there was to see Estelle who I live with at Uni, and I could not have been be more excited. After arriving at noon, we had some Taboulé, surrounded my mountains and with a view on the sea, followed by some refreshing time spent in the pool, it was honestly the perfect start to my holiday. At night we headed to a party in Monaco with the most stunning view. There's just something about having a glass of rosé and some champagne with a view onto the city and the sea. 

The next morning started with a delicious breakfast at Emilie's cookie, a cute coffee shop with interior that I would 100% want to equip my own place with. Afterwards we had a walk through Monaco which we finished in a shopping center. Something I didn't know about Monaco, is that there are no high street stores (except Zara), so for us it was obviously window shopping only :)

On Sunday we had lunch in Menton, a gorgeous little town, famous for its lemons. Walking up the stairs to a cathedral was exhausting, but the view definitely worth it. I am in love with all the narrow lanes, the tiny balconies and gorgeous flowers everywhere; I could definitely picture me living there. 

My favourite part about the whole trip was the tour through the Monte Carlo Casino we had. It was just so surreal and impressive, the rooms are really high and have incredible interior and it was really intimidating to walk through rooms filled with millionaires. At the end we even had champagne next to a group of some actresses like Nina Dobrev. 

St. Tropez was our next stop on Monday; we got up really early so we could spend our whole day there. After driving for about 3 1/2 hours (the traffic was crazy), we finally arrived and had a walk through the town, before heading to a close by beach and working on our tan. Later we found a restaurant by the harbour to have some dinner, I had some Paella with vegetables which was SO good!

The next few days were filled with visiting the sights in Monaco, spending time by the pool and briefly spending time in Nice. We finished off our last evening in Italy in a restaurant with 2 metres of pizza which were delicious, and not even comparable with what we get in England. (sorry Dominos)

I had such a good time at the French Riviera and really hope that I get to come back, I genuinely loved it there!

Have you ever been to the French Riviera? What places would you recommend to visit there? 



  1. Such a beautiful place! I could use a swim in this hot weather right now! :O


  2. Your photos are stunning! The South of France is really beautiful and that shows perfectly in this post. Glad you had a nice time ! ;)

    Julia xx
    Check out my post showing you Paris from the rooftops: http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr/2015/07/exploring-paris-on-rooftops-at-notre.html

  3. I am so envious, Monaco has been on my 'to travel' list for ages now. Need to book my trip I reckon!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Wow, stunning pictures =]


  5. omg, incredible photos! looks like you had an amazing time. i'm sooo envious!

    hannie ; huemorist.blogspot.com.

  6. Wow it looks so stunning there. I've alwats wanted to go and hopefully one day I will get to go and see the beauty with my own eyes.
    It must have been so lovely to catch up with your old uni friend too.
    Emma Xx

  7. such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    The Color Palette

  8. wow looks like you had a great time. wonderful photos


  9. Another amazing post!


  10. Beautiful photos! I really enjoyed looking at your blog. x


  11. Wow it looks so beautiful! The sky & water look so blue. Hope you had a lovely time

    Angi | www.twodifferentworlds.com