11 July 2015

The yellow dress - Internship OOTD

When I started my Internship last Monday, I felt completely helpless when I looked into my wardrobe - I had absolutely nothing to wear. With lots of effort I managed to find one outfit that looked sort of acceptable, but I knew that If I worked in an office all summer I had to go and get some more clothes that are suitable to be worn in the office. Finding outfits that don't look like I'm going out clubbing but also don't make me pass out when it's 38°C outside was truly a challenge though and it took me ages to find something I liked. 

One of the things I finally picked was this lemon yellow dress which ends just above your knees. I am someone who hardly ever wears colour pieces, I just feel most comfortable in black, white and grey, but there was something about this dress I really liked. The bright colour makes it a great summer piece and I find the A-Line shape also really flattering. 

For jewellery I chose a long statement necklace with silver stones that a company called Happiness Boutique kindly let me choose from their website. I just had a quick look on their website again and they've got some gorgeous new pieces in, so go check them out if you like pretty jewellery!

My Outfit
Dress: H&M
Blazer: Cassandra 
Bag: Zara

I do hope to take some more office OOTD's in the future but I'm currently honestly struggling with keeping a blog/work balance, so please bare with me :)

Conny xx

Thank you to the Happiness Boutique for sending me this pretty necklace! :)


  1. Lovely outfit and setting! Your shoes seem nice, where are they from? :)

    Julia xx
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  2. Such a pretty dress! :)


  3. Very nice outfit and also your photos are amazing :)


  4. I'm in love with this outfit! I hope your internship is going well :)
    I'd also love to see more office outfit posts, I think so many people could take inspiration from them...I know I would!

    Sarah xo || See The Stars

  5. This post is soo nice, you look like a model in those pictures! The background looks so lush and it looks so warm! :) That yellow colour really suits you. Fan-dabby-dosey :) xx

  6. Very pretty, I love this look!