12 September 2015

Exploring Bristol

A great thing about living on the South coast is, that there are quite a few cities to visit nearby, one of them being Bristol. I have been wanting to go up there for a while, because it was supposed to be a great city for young people. The only thing I knew about Bristol when I headed there last week, was Banksy's art, which I don't think I saw any of. When I arrived at Temple Meads station, I headed straight to the hill with the colourful houses, or at least tried to, but I couldn't find a decent viewpoint, so I went and explored the city centre. I walked along the Harbourside, over the bridge to the Millenniumsquare where I spotted a huge mirror ball that really reminded me of one in Paris. From there, I walked past the cathedral which is located on a gorgeous place with two fountains, lots of flowers and a beautiful green area. Behind that, I found Park Street, a great sport for vintage shopping and independent stores. I found a cute french café called Café du Jour and had a Baguette while listening to Zaz' Je veux on the radio.

After refilling my energy levels, I went back to the City Centre, to Broadmead to be exact, the shopping area of the city. After some window shopping and a stroll through the shopping centre, I went for a coffee and decided on my next stop. While I tried finding something else to do to kill the three hour wait for my train back, I received a twitter notification from a friend telling me to go and see the Clifton Suspension Bridge. So I quickly tried to find the closest bus stop, which is not that easy when the same bus numbers aren't actually opposite each other, and headed to Clifton Town. It was beautiful there; gorgeous houses, little boutiques and a great view over the countryside, I wish I had found this area earlier to spend more time there! The bridge looked stunning as well, it was just a shame that a part of it was under construction.

Although I didn't immediately fall in love with Bristol, like I did with other places, it's a really cool city with lots of nice places to shop, eat and hang out.

Conny x


  1. This post made me want to go there!
    Amazing photos! :-)


  2. Your photos are amazing!! I am going to Bristol University next week and I'm so excited - the city is so cool x

    Phoebe | Phoebe’s Diaries

  3. richtig schöne Bilder
    toller post :)

    alles Liebe deine AMELY ROSE

  4. Oh wow Bristol looks lovely! Thank you so much for sharing these stunning pictures with us :)

    Love, kerstin

  5. Next time you make the trip to Bristol I'll definitely give you a few places to see! (Including some Banksys ;) ) Clifton is definitely one of my favourite areas of the city, it's so charming. I think the thing with Bristol is that the best bits are definitely hidden - I still stumble across things I never noticed after living here for over a year! I also really love your photo of the harbour side, I think it really captures some of the quirks of the city. xx