8 October 2015

Zara AW15 favourites

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'They are SO pretty', 'How many food shops do I need to skip to afford this skirt?' or 'I need this top, NOW' are just a few of the phrases that go through my head while browsing the website of my favourite store, Zara. There genuinely is no other store out there were I find pretty much every single piece extremely gorgeous and need a lot of inner strength not to buy absolutely everything. As I am currently on the Zara website for the third time today (it is only 3pm as I am writing this), browsing the gorgeous Autumn/Winter 2015 pieces, I thought it might be a great idea to share what I am currently loving. (just a few selected items, otherwise I could just give you the link to the website)

Suede Coat I fell in love with this stunning piece when I spotted it for the first time in a store back in August. Although it is a simple cut, the colour and especially the material make it look so extraordinary and unique. Never before have I seen a high street store do such a gorgeous piece for an appropriate price (still can't afford it, but hey, maybe it goes on sale!) As suggested on the website, this coat would look incredible paired with a skirt and a top in autumnal colours, but I can also imagine it looking gorgeous with a boho inspired flowy white dress. 

Shirt Just when I thought that I'd have enough shirts (for now) this blue/yellow patterned shirt caught my eye. I have been loving wearing shirts recently, because they make you look sort of smart, but can be dressed down easily with a pair of jeans or, my personal favourite, a button down skirt. I am fearing winter time though, as I really am not a fan of layering cardigans over shirts. If this shirt wasn't now sold out in my local Zara store ( :( ) I would wear it with a dark red or brown button down skirt and a pair of black tights. 

Ankle boots Out of all stores in the world, I am convinced that Zara have the most incredible selection of boots every single autumn/winter season. Two years ago I bought my very first pair and I am still deeply in love with them & would be wearing them to death right now if my suitcase to come back to England hadn't been overweight already. In my opinion, gold hardware is the most stunning detail a piece of clothing (or in that case, shoes) could have; it makes them look so chic! So naturally, I gravitated toward that burgundy pair, and it has not escaped my mind since. 

Suede bag I am that kind of person that carries a huge shopper bag, containing various items from sunglasses over pens to an umbrella, every single day, but sometimes it would be great to have a convenient, yet cute bag if you just pop out for a drink after dinner or go for coffee on the weekend. This AW season I have absolutely fallen in love with suede and I think this beautiful little bag would make a great detail for all the previously described outfits. 

Flowing trousers This pair of trousers may seem a little bit out of my comfort zone and I have no idea whether it would even suit me or not, but something about the cut and the colour really caught my attention. Whether you style it with a sheer shirt (like on the Zara website) or with a woolly jumper, I think it would make a great and unique outfit that could even be appropriate to wear into the office. 

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for your next shopping trip! Which of these pieces do you like the most?

Conny xx


  1. HAHA Conny - ich musste so schmunzeln. Ich glaube, nur echten SHop-a-holics geht es so. Denn erstere Gedanken gehen mir nur allzu oft durch den Kopf. Nunja momentan nicht, da ich ja Shopping-Verbot habe. Aber ansonsten schon. Braun ist irgendwie nicht meine Farbe, aber ich liebe die Booties in dem helleren Ton total und finde deinen ganzen pics super klasse. Die könnte man direkt miteinander Kombinieren. Naja, wenn mann denn wirklich mal etwas auf's einkaufen von Lebensmitteln verzichtet. ZARA ist ja hier in Deutschland nun kein Schnöppchenschuppen wie etwa in Spanien :)

    Bisous aus Berlin, deine Patricia

  2. LOVE this all! Zara just opened up near me and I'm so excited to get to go shop there in person :)


  3. Woooaaah - die Schuhe sind ja ein Traum!
    Ich finds so schade, dass Zara so weit weg ist von mir (direkt in Linz gibt's leider keine Filiale, da müsste ich 30 Minuten weit fahren).. Wenn ich allerdings in einem Shop bin, finde ich mir immer so arg viel!

    Alles Liebe, Katii

  4. I love this!!! Zara-my love!